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Mod Update Log Generator(Complete)

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This is a simple program that allows user to make a Update Log with a few clicks and few types

this allows users to simply hurry with what they can do

also allows saving as txt(to be kept with mod)

and a .Upd which allows saving and loading so you can keep it upto date

Background Color Changed to more apealing look :)

Only known errors is that if you do try to add another version that is same as one already there it will error

Below i will give you a few screenshots

1) Dev shot (just a idea of what i was doing


2) a more complete screenshot


3) And finally the final Project



Combine with Modding ToolKit

How To Use



windows=.Net 4.0

linux/mac=Mono? (Untested)

Edited by MuteLovestone

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That's great MuteLoveStone, can you just fix the background ? Red is not exactly good looking, maybe the same tone as the mod manager would be better.

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Good. Red or light green? hmm..

Perhaps chestnut as background and tan or 0AD logo colo(u)r for the text?


Something quite lightish for the background + same color but much darker for the text.


-"- darkish -"- + -"- lighter -"-.

Hope that's not too confusing.

But how quick you got that tool ready. Took just two nights. omg. And it's useful. Your mods are the farthest evolved already.

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My eyes, is very hard contrast, try to use some thing like fb pallette or Mac OS. Pallette .

Try to use neutral like gray, very light,with black.

The hard contrast is good for logos not for read. Green and red are contrast , more contrast more hard to read and painful for the sight.


Check the link, in english is called contrast vibration.


Edited by Lion.Kanzen

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i do not mean for this to sound rude,

but it is not my duty to keep changing the program for everyones choices,

with time the toolkit will allow for customizing of colors

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This is all my fault.

I didn't want to get you in trouble. I finally like all color variants. I'm so sorry for sparking our colour-discussion. (me myself I had severe colour probs when I created my signature, you surely remember. . I have be taught more by Lion. thx for the tip. )

Thx for the tool Mute, the tool is interesting - also quite nice that you provide a Alpha16 patched 0AD version. You're rocket man. :D

Edited by Hephaestion

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People were so confused about colors that they forgot to thank you so → THANK YOU.

BTW I meant use the same interface as the game (The new Pureon Style).

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