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Found 5 results

  1. 0 A.D. Social Media Accounts (We need you!) I’ve been given the lovely honor to curate 0AD’s social media accounts. In this capacity, I would love to invite every forum member here at the Wildfire Games Forums to take a look at our current accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Mastodon. As you may know, 0 A.D. is completely free, libre, open source and volunteer based. No wages are paid in the development of this game and there is no budget for marketing. Exposure for this project is made up almost entirely of word-of-mouth advertising. We, the fans, are the developers of this game, both here on the forum, as well as on other platforms like trac, phabricator, GitHub and IRC. Together, we are all contributing towards the development of this game, however large or small those contributions may be. Every like, comment and share contributes towards the future of this game that we have all grown to love. The more people know about this game, the higher the odds that we will attract more developers in various fields from programming to art and translations. So, if you haven’t given these pages a visit yet, please take a look. And maybe give us a like https://facebook.com/play0ad/ https://twitter.com/play0ad https://instagram.com/play0ad.official/ https://mastodon.social/@play0ad (open source social media) Other media accounts worth checking out are: The Spanish language 0 A.D. Facebook page: https://facebook.com/0adfanslatino/ (managed by Lion.Kanzen) Our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/play0ad (release trailers and original 0 A.D. music tracks) Our Bandcamp site: https://play0ad.bandcamp.com (0 A.D. soundtrack) 0 A.D. on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/0ad/ Another reason I open this topic, is to receive community suggestions, feedback and comments about our accounts. And remember, there is also a lovely thread called “Your screenshots”. Don’t be shy to post some nice shots there. The ones that are exceptionally pleasing to the eye might receive a feature on our platforms. Our current followers, January 11, 2020: Instagram: 3 Mastodon: 22 Twitter: 3537 Facebook: 11,834 As Stan` the Man aptly pointed out to me recently: "" Some free promotional art (Click the image, then click it again to open the original sized file in a new window): Hero Portrait by JustinOperable, backdrop by LordGood. Ashoka the Great: Hero Portrait by JustinOperable, backdrop by LordGood. Hannibal: Hero Portraits by Victor Rossi, backdrop by LordGood. Marcus Claudius Marcellus and Queen Amanirenas: Remember, 0 A.D. and the Pyrogenesis game engine aren't just free. They are libre software:
  2. Hi all, Unknown Player and I are organizing a weekly event on Youtube. We would like to live stream during a 4v4 pro team game with commentary. We would like to collaborate with a streamer. Our main purpose is here to create something like a league that not depend on players. We saw how hard to schedule 1v1 during The first 0ad championship. Sometimes it took weeks to finish the games. According to our experience, most pro players are in the lobby seeking for a team game between 18.00 to 21.00 (UTC). So it can be a good idea to broadcast one of those matches with some interviews/commentary or even Q&A. Nowadays, the 0ad community is growing. We believe that bringing an attraction to pro team games can add extreme value from newbies to pro players. We have some rough ideas about this event: -We would like to broadcast only one game. There are several reasons for doing this. First of all, it's easy to organize with a few people who are behind this event. Secondly, we're trying to bring good quality games with pro players, but it's regularly. Creating an event that needs effortless. Since we play at least 3 days of the week. It can be season to season like a league. -Initial rules are like this: - No spec allowed (Watch on "Streamer's" Channel) - Game start at ~19:00 (UTC) - No players who make lag - Best players have priority to play - Hosted by "Unknown_Player" Rules: No dance No wonder Map Mainland 200 pop Autumn Normal size Our current plan is hosting a game on Sundays at ~19.00 (UTC) by Unknown Player. And I'll assist to live stream and coordination stuff. There will be other commentators too. For now, we're curious if we can find a streamer in the community who can livestream in her/his channel with commentary. Are you interested in this project? Do you know a streamer who can collaborate with us? Let us know what you think about it. Also, we are capable of creating graphics like this: Have a nice day! See you.
  3. Hello. Could it be possible to add other social media icons on the front page ? https://www.reddit.com/r/0ad/ https://www.youtube.com/user/play0ad https://www.gamereplays.org/ needs to be created (see also : link ) and why not icons for - forum - irc channel
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