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  1. It is quite easy to counter a single 'dancing' unit by manually giving targets for your units though - basically by microing yourself. If this 'bug' is changed at some point, I think an interesting element to the game will be lost. Talking about realism: what about a formation of cavalry juking arrows at long range? That seems more than historically plausible, especially for lighter skirmisher cavalry.
  2. Some of tooltips talk about a future feature of being able to herd wild animals into the corral to make long term gains - perhaps this could be how you breed new animals. The player has the strategic choice of getting the food quickly or keeping them to provide a better income late game?
  3. My micro is pretty good and I've been using missile dodging to win quite a lot of my games - certainly I feel a lot safer scouting with cavalry knowing that they are relatively safe if I'm paying attention. A few people so far have called me out for doing this saying I'm exploiting a 'bug'. Is this true or is this an intended mechanic? (I kinda like it)
  4. People doing this in games used to really get under my skin but, honestly, I now just feel embarrassed for that person - it's actually quite cringe-worthy to react to defeat like a kid would . You've still beaten them: you know it... they know it...
  5. Another one, octavioe commands.txt metadata.json
  6. 2 minutes is a reasonable grace period to give honest disconnecters a chance. Disconnecting in the first minute or so shouldn't result in a loss either as that's can't be a rage quit. Yes definitely, for now I'll just have to content myself with cleaning up the mean streets of 1100-1200 ;D
  7. A disconnect should be a loss in my opinion - there would be the occasional misfire of justice but it would be better than the current situation. I've had the majority of my wins disconnected now and it sucks. I'm not overly hurt about losing a few internet points personally, but this has happened so much I don't feel that my score represents my ability and I've had people accuse me of tanking my points to look newer than I am
  8. Additionally, the same occurred with an 'Arthus' today, replay file attached. metadata.json commands.txt
  9. Thanks Boudica, here's the replay for the game. metadata.json commands.txt
  10. I played "huabidbs" earlier today and he disconnected the game after clearly losing. (is this the correct format for this - what information can I give?) Thanks, Thorrky @user1
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