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  1. if I am correct, in germanic warrior culture... translating that to 0 A.D., we would probably have a mix of woman and men as home defense (militia type) everyone had to defend the home, majority of out of land soldiers were men obviously.
  2. how far are we from having a civil war mod? I actually would love to play one on 0 A.D. instead of wars of liberty on age of empires 3 more freedom and all, would love to defend michigan from canadians and fight ohio as U.S.A. infantry from michigan vs U.S.A. infantry from ohio its great that you seem to already have models for the u.s.a. infantry.
  3. psshhh cannot wait until they get the knights templar in there.... hopefully as a separate nation too because france did exile them and made them into their enemies.... with them as their own nation it would be cool seeing knights templars forming their own villages and maybe even cities, something you would call a more warrior, heretic, fair and free france!
  4. I really would love to see this. if memory serves right part two should be placed around after the time they were founded under the time they were disbanded. excuse me if I seem like a fanboy but I love knights templar order the most!
  5. oh lord... oh lord the possible mods that can come of this... atleast a napoleonic era war mod, american civil war time mod, wild west mod, ww1 mod, and ww2 mod... cannot wait to see guns happen in 0 A.D.....
  6. It doesn't seem like it but it honestly seems like its gonna be cool to play!
  7. I am curious if we could get this mod with functional tanks, air support, military camp housing, messhall for farms, commissary for market, class of units carrying their own guns like riflemen with a semi automatic rifle, infantry using a submachine gun, engineer using a shotgun and being able to repair vehicles, recons using a sniper rifle, AT having an rpg, and mg crew being like the bolt shooters but instead there would be two or three soldiers protecting the one mounting the mg and firing at enemies infront of his view. I know for sure with the u.s. one of the heroes would surely be General patton :)
  8. it would be nice if someone was interested in making a mod centered around the time of the crusades, holy war where there was alot of christianity, islam, and freemasonry. Nations I know that could definitely be added: Italy, france, germany, britain, different from millenium A.D., Full suits of armor and cloth bound men can be a thing. I could see france having both the ((early knights templar)) and the inquisition and germany having the teutonic knights. late knights templar, the very well known atleast suspected of freemasonry could be a nation of its own where its a twist.... instead of being christian its more about the occult worship on the statue figure baphomet however the same architecture as france as well as having cathedrals for religious buildings, baphomet being their wonder, the horses the knights templar will have would have two men riding as they had limited amounts of horses and had to share. There could be some sort of feudal system which maybe effects the economy in some way and how work is done. Am I making some good ideas here? I will be transparent for a moment that I am very much into the knights templar and would love to see them most especially whooping some @#$% as what I would call heathen knights
  9. that would be so @#$%ing fun lol to play..... imagine kingdom of rome vs spartans vs iberians...
  10. the kingdom of rome, basically of the 7 kings of rome before the senate killed the king and ruled rome together. It seems you plan on putting in the principates and it would be nice to see the kingdom. I can imagine the kingdom will be even more primitive.... would be interesting and amazing to see how the buildings would look, the soldiers, the civilians, etc I know I am more of a principates type of guy but kingdom is definitely quite interesting.
  11. I am confused... is arisea delenda est? is delenda est continued but under a different name or is that same name?
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