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  1. that would be so @#$%ing fun lol to play..... imagine kingdom of rome vs spartans vs iberians...
  2. the kingdom of rome, basically of the 7 kings of rome before the senate killed the king and ruled rome together. It seems you plan on putting in the principates and it would be nice to see the kingdom. I can imagine the kingdom will be even more primitive.... would be interesting and amazing to see how the buildings would look, the soldiers, the civilians, etc I know I am more of a principates type of guy but kingdom is definitely quite interesting.
  3. ThuleDragon

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

  4. ThuleDragon

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    ooooo is this mod continued actually?
  5. ThuleDragon

    can you add a hebrew faction?

    I am confused... is arisea delenda est? is delenda est continued but under a different name or is that same name?
  6. indeed, just a noob to this game's forums haha!
  7. oh nvm did not realize this was coming to aristea, accidentally made a post i did not need to.
  8. ThuleDragon

    can you add a hebrew faction?

    I would love to see them involved in this mod as well because if I mix 1000 a.d. and aristea then the game freaks out.
  9. do they intend on adding them? the millenium team?
  10. man lol it would have given me concept or idea of what force the juden were like. Its an interesting mod, kind of wanna see one related to islam and one related to christianity as well tbh.
  11. ThuleDragon

    Got Millenium AD to work

    got it to work as well, seems modding is possibly much easier if it just shows up on the download mods list in game.
  12. when will this be available to download?
  13. ThuleDragon

    Faction: Norse

    ahhh okay, I am just new to all this, is there a really clear modding guide? I am having a hard time installing millennium A.D.
  14. ThuleDragon

    [Millennium A.D.] Cen 21 now available!

    having a hard time installing this mod...... I put it to mods, then to public but it won't work.... its not budging.
  15. ThuleDragon

    Faction: Norse

    is this post talking about adding Norse to the game instead of just having it as a mod?