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  1. Did you read this article? Good job, authors of the game 0 A.D!
  2. woodpecker

    possible rulebreaker

    @user1 @Hannibal_Barca Proof Auditurus: commands.txt
  3. woodpecker

    possible rulebreaker

    Another insistance today with another player: PezDorado I destroyed him and then he just exit without resigning. @user1 and @Hannibal_Barca commands.txt
  4. woodpecker

    possible rulebreaker

    Played against Auditurus in 1v1 rated game and when i was on top of him he said "gg" and short after just left the game giving me no rating. When confronted in lobby he claimed it was a accident click. Could be, but still I want to report.
  5. woodpecker

    Faction: Norse

    I love this. Anyone have an idea when the viking civ is going to be implemented in the game?
  6. woodpecker

    Skrimish map: Battle of Vikingland (8)

    I am wondering if there is some way to auto generate a concept like this with options of different map sizes and number of players like the maps in the game.
  7. woodpecker

    Skrimish map: Battle of Vikingland (8)

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I am born and raised in this contry and have lived among fjords and mountain so i know them well. There is definitive room for improvment but the goal was not true realism. Just a condenced consept sort of thing. But I will definitively concider your suggestions. :)
  8. My first map. The battle of Vikingland 8 players with fjords, woods and mountains. unzip and insert into ..../My Games/0ad/.... 0ad file paths mods.zip