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  1. the latest updated version that's not finished? I see A24 for delenda EST with a better faction selection screen so Ihow would I get that version? tried using that mod on A23 but its laggy and script full of errors.
  2. ;) actually is there even any rts base building gmaes of Warhammer out there? I need my high /dark elf fix. loved battle march on the xb0x but wish there was base building like age of empires.
  3. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=BpxFB%2f6B&id=8D43E2878791C8BA41C08BDE840975D968FE869A&thid=OIP.BpxFB_6BLwBsh0WYfXN1oAHaF9&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fs-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com%2foriginals%2f54%2f55%2fae%2f5455ae66fc05ffd5de76825d4db726d7.jpg&exph=600&expw=746&q=cleomenes+III+reforms&simid=608040403867337568&selectedIndex=34&ajaxhist=0 BAM! battle of sellesia by an eye witness! plus I assumed the spartans would be identical to their counter parts from the cleomenes III reforms. makedon had
  4. yeah but its more late byzantine I wanted a late Roman empire with excubitors then varagian guards. but I still play it. just its strange being late medieval vs ancient Greeks xD
  5. but two rams (Byzantines vs Anglo Saxons) ignored my 25 -30 unit stack. and massacred my homes then my capital with my siphon galley (which is way too weak couldn't even destroy a shipyard after thirty minutes with it) did very little damage to the rams!! made me rage quit! is the ram stronger in the millennial mod? or 0 ad has OP rams?! I couldn't kill it!! :/
  6. its working yeah I think it was maintenance.
  7. mod! be cool to have bigger maps slower paced gameplay with Neolithic to collapse of the bronze age. I don't know its took much but it be so cool! been reading a lot about the ice age civilization and such
  9. yeah I will mess with this a bit probably make some personal mods
  10. bunch of error windows... like " Assertion failed: "p == start" Location: archive_zip.cpp:500 (ArchiveReader_Zip::FindRecord) Call stack: ArchiveReader_Zip::ScanForEcdr (archive_zip.cpp:525) file = 0x0E26FF94 -> (shared_ptr<File>) fileSize = 790346948 (0x000000002F1BBCC4) buf = 0x0E708000 -> "imulation/templates/units/ptol_hero_cleopatra.xmlUT" maxScanSize = 66000 (0x000101D0) cd_numEntries = 0x0116F350 -> 0 (0x00000000) cd_ofs = 0x0116F36C -> 0 (0x0000000000000000) cd_size = 0x0116F354 -> 0 (0x00000000) op
  11. Yeah I need to learn how I see they are in the atlas Look outdated and have werid open mounths haha but yeah wonder if a modder would help me walk through would love to learn I do mod total war games so I hope it's not too different
  12. So it seems Spartan pikes aren't available :/
  13. excubilators where basically varangians guards but with smaller axes. sine they both had shields. but be more historically to have the excubotors however its spelled.
  14. think they should not have corithian and keep them in tune with Carthage and rome.
  15. byzantine should have expensive better trained professional troops. mercenaries should be the cheaper not quantity for rome. current feels strange to see byz have same training as the guals .
  16. how can we use like Thebans and spartan pikes and other units that are in the unit summaries I see there's way more units is there not a way to get them? are they incomplete? :( I would love a modern cleomenes II Spartans. or even a whole Greek faction gastrapede cross bow! and fire raisin.. what ever its called. the flame thrower xD oh the legionary post Marian too... BYZANTINE empire be cool to add :D
  17. man we need this!! >:D I love roma in all eras!! herculean era or Justinian comitases or skotoutai ether time we need this! might as well too the imperial era rome too. with segmentata maybe a late Sparta faction too. with pikes instead of hoplites. with plos and Knossos helmets.
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