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  1. They are saying they don't want to attract fans at this point - only people that want to work on the game. Can't say I agree with that approach - but I believe that is the intent. Looks like Ancient Wars: Sparta is even a bigger disappointment then Rise and Fall was - so unless this rumor about an AOE1 remake is actually true (which it isn't) - amazingly - 0 AD is now in the cat bird seat. But I've learned long ago that in 0AD time - 3 years means 10...(cue the moderator to lock the thread)
  2. I freely admit that I had to purposely stay away from this site until now - I was so offended by the response to my query - but I am offended for reasons that some of you will likely never fully understand. Can I help out? Not sure - I have Photoshop and Illustrator - have written lots of rms scripts for AOM including a Land Nomad rms that I am very proud of - and am in the middle of launching a new company with my girlfriend - but in the end - I realize that I am just a fan - so other then donating money, which to me seems problematic as the disclaimer you guys make is pretty much that there
  3. Actually - the thing I recently saw on this forum - and by all means correct me if I am seeing this situation incorrectly - was a rather innocent statement about how the fans have not seen anything in a while - followed up by someone on the team taking an image of calc.exe and photoshoping it - intimating that we will be getting something to chew on soon - not sure if the re-write statement was a joke or not...but after thinking about it for a few days I realized that it was directed at those of us who have been patiently waiting and ask for status once every year or so - and I really do think
  4. Wow. That is a really impressive way of turning off a fan in a permanant way. -1 0 AD fan. Good luck.
  5. Once again - I simply have to ask - should we stop waiting? I personally have gone back to playing Age of Mythology and I also play AOEIII Warchiefs - AOM is suprisingly easy to get a ladder game and AOEIII is getting plenty of play. Can you help some of us put into perspective the 0AD project in terms of just the raw ability to play super competitive games online? 2008? I think it's time to give you guys a dose of reality here - according to the fact this project is 6 years old - we hear "rumors" of something happening - but that has been going on since rumor was mid summer 2006... Don't you
  6. I find the sense of humor being displayed by the 0AD team in this thread pretty darn cruel... 4 years!! It's been 4 years we have waited!!
  7. Hey, I'll pay for the game - probably like 4 copies - should you decide to charge money for it - heck I'll upgrade my FIOS to business class FIOS just to host a multiplayer server if it comes to that... There is always Open Sourcing the game too - but I understand if you don't want to lose your proprietary engine to open sourcing....
  8. Well not to continue to pummel the proverbial dead horse - But I think there are lots of people that are not you know - 3D artists, scripters, etc. that have a desire to see this thing happen - want to help out as many ways as possible in the interest of starting to see this thing come to life - I've come very close to donating money on many occasions - but I guess without the sense of urgancy or any kind of early game play vid or any kind of 'marketing' to gain inertia - understand this is coming from a 42 year man from the IT/Game Hosting/Large Scale Game Testing world (as a fan not in any o
  9. Is it safe to say the project timeline has slipped then? I know I irk people for pointing this out, but some of us are going on 4 years of patience here... Summer '07 maybe?
  10. ummm.... Congratulations? Seems like anyone that sort of asks about when will we see the game takes it on the chin for doing so...I mean for God's sake - the background page says the game was born in 2001 - people are now down to asking meekly and shyly how it is going every 6 months to a year now... I mean - your audience/fans are RTS players, I don't know how kindler and gentler a group like us can get, but geesh, excuse me for asking yet again - guess I'll try back in the spring.
  11. Wow. I think it's really too bad that no one but you guys has seen this, even in video form... You guys sort of position this as a better thing/project/game then what the traditional game developers do, yet there isn't even an E3 like preview video or anything for us to chew on... I guess we just sort of sit back and wave our pom poms and wait - Give me a ZERO!! Give me an A! Give me a D!! What's that spell!! meh. At least what you said about the sandbox state is SOME kind of news!! Thanks! (seriously)
  12. So maybe you can help us set our expectations here - no offense, but it seems like pretty much every response to the innocent "hey, how is it going, when will we see something?" from your team is: It will come out when it comes out...or vagueness, or whatever... I suppose the reaction in some of us to that will be forgotten once something actually does happen, but do you feel like asking these questions after 3+ years of announcing your project is rude and or annoying? I've noticed that people now seem to have to walk on egg shells when asking these questions, do you see the fact that some p
  13. OK, so 6 months has gone by, and as I mentioned - wanted to check back in. Are we going to see anything tangible out of 0AD this year, next year, 2008? Have you thought about getting out a small little applet that has a unit that can be rotated and viewed or anything?
  14. FYI - most people agree that Midway's Rise and Fall is not very good. That puts 0 A.D. in a leadership space for this type of genre. Amazing development really. I wonder how close 0AD will be to the following ideal I posted about what is lacking from RaF? ******************************** I remain bitterly dissappointed that the Age of Empires - Rise of Rome on the old MS ZOne play experience is gone, possibly forever... To me, the perfect game would be Age of Mythology's performance and economy with RaFs units and game play. I am still convinced that this type of game, that is Ancient warfare
  15. Right. I am excited about this game, as are many other players. There is a difference between players and developers I think. For me, the RTS genre has been badly fractured. I will always go back to the days of Rise of Rome on the zone as the hey day of RTS genre. Since then, we have been badly fractured, and I for one spend my days playing AOE III, in an age period historically that I am not all that crazy about. But it is the best playing experience out there right now, and let's face it, that is what we all want. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong in wanting the latest RTS
  16. I manage a data center with a 100mb connection to the Internet... Maybe you can then understand why I'd like to get something to the owner of my company... I wanted to float the idea of us hosting a game server... meh. Sounds like 2007 or so...
  17. Very detailed and long response, but all you have to do is look at the date that I joined this site... Pretty much says it all. I'm sure I will play the game when you get it out there...my point here is that you could really have a lot of support behind you...I guess if that statement sort of flies over the teams head...I don't know what else to say. I've talked to a lot of people over the last 2+ years about this project, we all pretty much feel the same way... It's not a bash. Just letting you guys know. A lot of us bought into this concept in 2003... Now in 2006 not so much anymore... G
  18. I'd donate cash right now today to this project if it looked like there was a serious intent to get the bits out there and start developing a community...and that is no idle claim. And I'd start donating regularily in fact. What I am hearing here is that there is no sort of intent after 2.5 years with it sounds like at least another year (which translates to 2) to insert this game into the RTS psyche...that it is a hobby, and there is no sense of urgency at all. That is not a very good message at all. Age of Empires the original? That game is quite soundly obsoleted. Rise and Fall is indee
  19. Sorry to be so direct, but when did this project start? I'm trying to understand why Rise and Fall by Midway won't basically moot this project. I'm not trying to flame here, or to say anything mean spirited. But... Is the gaming community going to see something out of this project anytime soon? With AOE III, Rise and Fall, SW Empire at War, Sparta Ancient Wars, and even titles like Spore and BFME II...this game frankly seems doomed. Where do you think you are in terms of what this game will be to the RTS community?
  20. Yeah but seriously, here is what it says: * When will 0 A.D. be released? We won't really know until we've finished it. Expect the process to take several years, plus we intend to devote a whole year to beta testing. Information about release dates will be released at the appropriate time. * When is your scheduled beta test? We have not yet set a formal date for our open beta. Many months of development and testing await. It will occur after the product has passed rigorous quality inspection in our closed beta (internal testing by all Wildfire Games staff). Rest assured that the beta shall be
  21. To be honest it's impossble to tell at this point... Empires DMW is the current benchmark in terms of the state of the art in RTS, so without a beta or even an alpha of 0ad to compare there is no way of knowing... looks promising but no offense, but 0ad is vaporware...
  22. ??????? To me this is the most relevant game to 0AD right now; both comparisons-wise and dev implication-wise.. I mean AOM and AOK reviews are cool, but the closest game to 0AD right now is Empires (medieval age) need me to buy a copy and send it somewhere? (cause I will)
  23. So let me say right up front; I was a big AOM player...but I got burnt out on it. I was mainly a Land Nomad (8 player random civ random team) zone player; but when I got to AOM; the MP interface was so bad I ended up playing a lot of rated... That is when I saw the ugly side of AOM in my opinion; month after month of 1v1 strats that exploited some game inbalance until another patch came out. When Titans finally shipped and I saw what the game had become; I simply quit playing it for good. In fact; to be honest; AOM plain disgusts me. I'm just really upset that AOK never had a proper follow
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