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  1. Here is a patch: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2244

    To apply it, you should use arcanist. If you are on Debian buster or later, just install it from the repository. Else follow these instructions: quick start.

    Then, you can create an account on Phabricator (that will allow you to comment directly on the patch, to be pinged if we need some information, etc).

    Then, in your terminal:

    arc install-certificate

    in order to use arcanist with your account, and then

    arc patch D2244

    in order to apply the patch. You can then build with

    ./update-workspaces.sh --with-system-nvtt
    cd gcc

    And please report here or on the patch directly if you discover other bugs :)

    Thanks for the report, and in advance for testing and playing!

  2. Hi! You seem to have hit this bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1266366

    What is needed is to patch spidermonkey with it, and when it's committed, then you will be able to build SVN like you tried to do, with

    On 8/22/2019 at 4:25 AM, Dansasbu said:
    ./update-workspaces.sh --with-system-nvtt

    Ideally we would have downloaded the latest bundle from the esr branch, instead of the release candidate from the SpiderMonkey devs, but they are not available anymore for SM45. So it would be better if you could test the patch that I will make, in case we need to patch more bugs. Are you comfortable with using our patch review platform? Else I'll provide the patch here and will give you instructions to test it.

    Thanks for the report :)

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  3. Dear members of the treasury committee,

    With some delay, please find attached the details of expenses engaged for FOSDEM 2019 in February. Five members of WFG were able to attend and to spread the word about the game.

    Just like last year, I propose to have SPI send the money to me, which I will immediately forward to the attendees, in order to minimize the number of transactions.

    We are looking forward to reading your reply and we are happy to answer any additional question you might have.
    Itms, on behalf of the attendees.


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  4. Common Mistakes:

    • name/label confusion in mod.json - for instance https://0ad.mod.io/ja-lang
      • "name" should be a lowercase identifier, it usually matches the URL of your mod on mod.io: for instance "ja-lang"
      • "label" is a human-readable name, it usually matches the title of the mod on mod.io: for instance "Japanese Language Pack"
    • top-level extra directory. Your zip should contain directly mod.json and the rest of the files, it should not contain a sub-directory with the files. The best way to avoid the issue is to use the archive builder. In order to test whether you made the mistake, try opening the mod with 0 A.D. If you land on the mod selection page and your mod was added to the list (appearing in green), things are good.

  5. On 3/27/2019 at 6:46 PM, Togarma said:

    How to get early translations?

    Follow the steps in this guide: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions to get the development version of the game. No need to build anything. Then, locate the translation files (everything starting with your language code) under binaries/data/mods/public/l10n/. There are a few strings translated using files in binaries/data/mods/mod/l10n/ and binaries/data/l10n/. Put them in your "user" mod (locate it using https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths), in a folder /path/to/your/mods/user/l10n.

    On 3/27/2019 at 8:24 PM, vladislavbelov said:

    Offtopic, but I have an idea: what if we add semi-supported languages as a mod?

    Yeah, we could easily package a mod with the incomplete translations on each release. :)

  6. 2 minutes ago, stanislas69 said:

    Well one could have a download manager that re downloads the whole game, but the best thing would be patches files like what was done in old games, where you get a 15MB file instead of a 2GB one. Assuming one knows the install location it could replace the files in the correct folder. However we wouldn't be able to provide patches for all the linux distributions and their specificities.

    Ah I see what you mean. But the engine does not weigh 2GB, so it can be updated just by downloading the new version. The public mod, on the other hand, is identical on all platforms, and could be updated incrementally in theory. Splitting the public mod into smaller pieces (the art aside, typically) would help, because we could release small balance patches not touching the art, hence just modifying a small zip file, and launchers like Steam would be able to make users only download the changed file.

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  7. What do you mean Stan? Are you thinking about package managers?

    To answer the top post, it would be doable but difficult. We could include a torrent client in the engine so that the game contents, especially the large assets, are updated efficiently. But self-upgrading the engine would be even more involved. Not even speaking about the security issues we would have to prevent.

    I think the simpler way to do it would be to use a separate launcher for the game. That already exists (see Lutris for instance, on Linux) and, when the game is released, you will be able to use Steam or your preferred game launcher, since we will try to launch on as many platforms as possible. There is very little point in creating our own dedicated launcher.

  8. Hello! It all depends on the historical period you want to focus on. In particular, since you seem to focus on Turks, there is no civilization in the time period of 0 A.D. that can be directly linked to modern Turkish culture. You may want to take a look at the Millenium A.D. mod which could include the Seljuk Empire, the Sultanate of Rum, or even the emerging Ottoman Empire, in its part II.

    Similarly, for Chinese powers, the Han dynasty is present in Terra Magna, but other dynasties could be added in other mods with other time frames (Tang/Song in 1000 A.D., etc).

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  9. Hello, if you folks create a mod, put it on mod.io and PM to sign it, it shouldn't be an issue! As said above, checking maps is really easy and quick to do, even if there are a lot of them.

    As a potential user, may I suggest that the mod comes with a pinch of GUI code, adding a map filter for the new maps? (So that the game setup drop-down shows "Default", "Community Maps Pack", "Naval Maps", "Demo Maps" etc).

    I like the idea (y)

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  10. Hello! I am sorry about the situation here. As far as I understand, the report was followed by action, but the report itself was not properly acknowledged. I just sent a PM to user1, telling him to answer here to clarify the misunderstanding.

    pesem's messages are definitely unacceptable and unwelcome on the lobby, and they are indeed covered by the Terms of Use. So let's not spiral down, and as far as possible let's not involve politics here. Let's just solve the misunderstanding that happened between Sundiata's report and user1's answers to it.

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