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  1. Could you have a keyboard shortcut for this? I've been annoyed by this too. If you could hit O or some button it would send you to the healer
  2. I like number 1 and 3. One showing a battle or ships might also look good.
  3. Can you kill diplomats? I know in greece heralds were under sacred protection and you couldn't kill them.
  4. Battle for Wesnoth, Wolfenstein enemy territory, and freecol
  5. And he lost most of his army to weather, Gaulish tribes, and desertions. That would be a cool scenario.
  6. This may be too complicated, but how about counter mines? A player can counter a mine by building another mine to it and if he has more soldiers in his mine, the mine is destroyed, the counter mine is deleted, and the remaining soldiers exit through the mine's entrance.
  7. The carthaginians seemed to include a bunch of different gods/deities. They had a lot of Phoenician gods though
  8. I know they haven't finished the game. I was wondering at what stage would they make campaigns. I was also thinking that it would be nice to have a historical campaign for every civ. Turn based campaigns? My vision of the campaigns was a series of scenarios with a picture and text or a map showing the progress of the campaign (I guess that's mainly because I've been playing a lot of Wesnoth though) in between scenarios
  9. hi, I've only started playing 0 AD very recently and have been enjoying it, but I was wondering when you are planning on introducing campaigns to 0 AD (since there is a button for it but nothing else). I was also was wondering if they going to be historical campaigns (first Punic War as Romans, Alexander the great's conquest of Persia) or more like you are a leader of a group of Iberians, defend against celts, carthage, and romans who want to take your land. I've looked around the forum for this, but couldn't find much except how you were putting off trigger campaigns for part 2.
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