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  1. @elexis When there is a loading progress in the game, there will be a problem that the game does not respond and the speed slows down when loading.
  2. @Stan` The game lags behind when farmers and soldiers click on the mouse to build houses and barracks.
  3. @Stan` At any time, did you do the test? I provided the archive file and command.txt
  4. @Stan` I can provide an archive savegame-0009.0adsave commands.txt
  5. I tested the latest svn23154 and found a problem. When I played a single player game with four players, the game became very jammed. When I clicked to make barracks and other building icons. My operating system is win10 64 bit. 8g RAM,graphics card:NVIDIA GTX 850M
  6. Who? I think you should keep calm. You don't ask for trouble. If you can't do that, when your head gets hot, you can stay in the fridge.
  7. @Itms, @Freagarach, @elexis, @Stan` , @bb_, @vladislavbelov, @Alexandermb, @LordGood When I started a new game and ordered all the soldiers and women farmers to build houses, the warning came up that I built five or six houses at a time. this warning appeared. The map I chose is: farmland (2), playing factions: Macedonia, Athens. commands.txt
  8. @Freagarach I downloaded all 0 A.D. files from SVN, after a complete test, and when I went into the game and clicked on the civic center, ready to build soldiers, these warnings appeared again. @Stan` PLEASE HELP ME.
  9. I tested the latest svn23094 today. When the game is loaded to 100%, the error message appears when entering the game screen. I didn't use any other mod. ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "simulation/templates/template_structure_military_siege_tunnel.xml" ERROR: Failed to load parent 'template_structure_military_siege_tunnel' of entity template 'structures/gaul_siege_tunnel' ERROR: Failed to load entity template 'structures/gaul_siege_tunnel' I cleared all the cache, but this error still exists. commands.txt
  10. @Stan` Is there any new development in this patch?
  11. @Stan` AI will still not build its own defenses, build its own walls and fences.
  12. @Stan` Do you have a solution to this problem? @Angen
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