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  1. @historic_bruno I've hot-loaded files in your way, in non-full screen mode. But the problem still exists.
  2. @elexis I didn't modify any files when I suspended the game. My game mode is full screen mode. Please help.
  3. Yes, I followed this method. When the game was in full screen state, I paused the game. After nearly 15 minutes, I clicked anywhere on the screen again with the mouse.
  4. @historic_bruno How try hotloading a file? Please tell me! Thank you.
  5. @historic_bruno I tested the latest SVN22489. When I pressed the pause button in the menu bar in the full-screen game, I left the computer for 20 minutes and returned to the game. I clicked the mouse to continue the game. @elexis I did not have this problem when testing SVN22481, but it did when testing the latest SVN22489.
  6. @historic_bruno Thank you! My friend! Here's a question: did you compile 0 A.D. shrimp yourself or did you compile it automatically?
  7. @historic_bruno I didn't do anything like this, I did a test for many times, when I press the pause button in the game menu to make the game suspension, this time the game is a full-screen mode, and then I leave the computer, go to the kitchen to eat, probably more than 10 minutes back in front of the computer, the screen is lit, display is still hold the picture of the game, and then I left click with the mouse game screen, the game does not continue, when I click on the game menu, there is no response, click on the mini map, also did not respond. Please help me.
  8. @vladislavbelov Incredibly, I tested with 0 A.D. compiled by VS2015 and found this problem still exists. When I tried to resume the game by clicking the continue button in the menu bar, I found that the mouse could not click the menu bar. The minimap can't be clicked.
  9. This problem has been solved. Thank you.
  10. When I change the output name, the name cannot be changed. When I change the output name, the name cannot be changed. I use VS2015 Community Edition and my operating system is WIN 1064 bit. What happened?
  11. @vladislavbelov Does the compiler VS2015 have to solve this problem?
  12. @Angen Does VS2015 need this patch?
  13. This error has nothing to do with the compiler @Angen Is it a compiler problem?
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