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  1. Where is the latest Rise of the East? Where is the latest Rise of the East? It supports the latest 0a.d.alpha 22?
  2. Where is the latest version? Rise of the The East updated to Alpha 22 ?
  3. Does this mod support the latest version of alpha 22?
  4. @leperI want to know how to run them at the same time, if not in the system, where can I run it at the same time? @SkhornDoes this tool seem helpful to the solution of this problem?
  5. I'm just wondering why these two scripts can't run at the same time?
  6. Could you please provide me with your script? Thank you.
  7. @leperPlease tell me the detailed steps. How can I run them at the same time? sudo apt-get install wine???
  8. When I run on system Ubuntu14.04, I can't seem to run anymore. They don't seem to run at the same time Player ratings cannot be run simultaneously. Please help me, please tell me how to do it? $ python3 --domain localhost --login wfgbot --password 123456 --nickname WFGbot --room arena22 When this command is running, the wfgbot in the player list is kept online and offline: $ python3 --domain localhost --login wfgbot --password 123456 --nickname Ratings --room arena22
  9. When I run, and then run, WFGbot is constantly rolling on the list of players, it seems unstable, please help me, how to solve this problem?. @fcxSanya
  10. @elexis It's here,my friend! BTW: I installed the latest video card driver. BTW2: You can do such a test: zoom in to the camera and rotate the camera and move forward with the camera lens, which will appear in the diagonal or drag.
  11. @elexisI recorded the video, please have a look. Thank you
  12. It's not a picture. It's a game. You can test it yourself, test it like I did.
  13. When I stretch my camera and move my camera in the game, a diagonal wave pattern appears in the game screen. The ripples appear as the camera moves. BTW1: when the camera from far and near and move the camera and from the near to the distant. BTW2: I had a screenshot of the game, but I couldn't see it in the game. BTW3:The operating system I use is win10 64bit, my graphics card is GTX970, and the game I use is the latest SVN19849. BTW4: Does this diagonal corrugation seem like a drag made by the Y axis?
  14. Today, my friend and I were playing on the LAN, and my friend, Jonathan, was out of sync.