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  1. Game crash!!!

    @Yves @wraitii
  2. Game crash!!!

    @elexisYou can ask Yves for help in this matter. He can help you in this area. He may have a solution to the problem. He seems to be doing graphic programming. Thank you! BTW: You can also call him (wraitii)
  3. Game crash!!!

    I've been thinking about this for a long time. I haven't come up with a good solution. Maybe someone has a solution. Who is he?
  4. @elexisMy friend, have you fixed it ? I want to know, thank you!
  5. Today, I compiled the latest code SVN20067 with VS2013, and the following error occurred: 4 error C2440: error: unable to "<function-style-cast>" from "nullptr" into the "time_t" d:\trunk\source\lobby\XmppClient.h 157 1 lobby 62 error LNK1181: error cannot open input file "..\..\..\binaries\system\lobby.lib" D:\trunk\build\workspaces\vc2013\LINK pyrogenesis 64 error LNK1181: error cannot open input file "..\..\..\binaries\system\lobby.lib" D:\trunk\build\workspaces\vc2013\LINK test
  6. Game crash!!!

  7. Game crash!!!

    @stanislas69Would you please tell me how you got this window and these options? Would you please tell me the specific steps? I only got some stack information: > pyrogenesis.exe! PerformErrorReaction (ErrorReactionInternal, er=ERI_BREAK, unsigned, int, flags=0, volatile, int * suppress=0x00000000) line 426 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! Debug_DisplayError (const wchar_t * description=0x0138e158 unsigned, int flags=0, void * context=0x0138ed18, const * wchar_t lastFuncToSkip=0x011dc150 wchar_t * pathname=0x0138e670 int, const, line=0, const, char * func= 0x0138d150 volatile * suppress=0x00000000, int) for 483 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! Wseh_ExceptionFilter (_EXCEPTION_POINTERS * ep=0x0138e7e4) line 289 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! CallStartupWithinTryBlock () line 365 C++ [external code] [the following frames may be incorrect and / or missing, no symbols loaded for ntdll.dll] Pyrogenesis.exe... CShaderProgram:: Uniform (CStrIntern, id={,}, float, v0=-1.#QNAN000, float, v1=4.764e-044#DEN, float, v2=3.44938300e-010, float, v3=1.01771369e-010) line 755 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! CShaderProgram:: Uniform (CStrIntern id={...}, unsigned, int, count=34, const, CMatrix3D * v=0x2fbda1c0) line 765 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! InstancingModelRenderer:: RenderModel (const std:: shared_ptr<CShaderProgram> & shader={...}, int, __formal=1, CModel * model=0x2f7a0ec0, CModelRData * __formal=0x306e2ba0) line 376 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! ShaderModelRenderer:: Render (const std:: shared_ptr<RenderModifier> & modifier={...}, const, CShaderDefines & context={...}, int, cullGroup=1, int, flags=1) line 765 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! CRendererInternals:: CallModelRenderers (const, CShaderDefines & context={,}, int, cullGroup=1, int, flags=1) line 379 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! CRenderer:: RenderShadowMap (const CShaderDefines & context={...}) line 910 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! CRenderer:: RenderSubmissions (const CBoundingBoxAligned & waterScissor={...}) line 1501 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! CRenderer:: RenderScene (Scene & scene={...}) line 1885 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! CGameView:: Render () line 489 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! Render () line 228 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! CGame:: ReallyStartGame () line 322 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! ProgressiveLoad () line 233 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! Frame () line 322 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! RunGameOrAtlas (int, argc=1, const, char * * argv=0x03370008) line 581 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! SDL_main (int, argc=1, char * * argv=0x03370008) line 623 C++ Pyrogenesis.exe! Main_utf8 (int, argc=1, char * * argv=0x03370008) line 126 C Pyrogenesis.exe! Wmain (int, argc=1, unsigned, short * *, wargv=0x015d5730, unsigned, short * wenvp=0x015e71f8) line 151 C [external code] Pyrogenesis.exe! CallStartupWithinTryBlock () line 364 C++ [external code]
  8. Game crash!!!

    "Crashlog.dmp" (Minidump): loaded C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\cryptsp.dll". Unable to find or open PDB file. "Crashlog.dmp" (Minidump): loaded C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\rsaenh.dll". Unable to find or open PDB file. "Crashlog.dmp" (Minidump): loaded C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\bcrypt.dll". Unable to find or open PDB file. "Crashlog.dmp" (Minidump): loaded D:\trunk\binaries\system\Collada.dll". Loaded symbol. "Crashlog.dmp" (Minidump): loaded D:\trunk\binaries\system\FCollada.dll". Module generated, not containing symbols. "Crashlog.dmp" (Minidump): loaded D:\trunk\binaries\system\dbghelp.dll". Unable to find or open PDB file. "Crashlog.dmp" (Minidump): loaded C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.15063.483_none_6dad63fefc436da8\comctl32.dll". Unable to find or open PDB file. Crashlog.dmp has triggered a breakpoint. @stanislas69I got a breakpoint when I was debugging it locally, and it took place at debug.cpp D:\trunk\source\lib\debug.cpp. I can't go on with the test. Now I'll give you the file crashlog.dmp. Please help me continue with the test. I'm using the latest version of SVN 20041, thank you #if OS_WIN // prevent (slow) heap reporting since we're exiting abnormally and // thus probably leaking like a sieve. wdbg_heap_Enable(false); #endif exit(EXIT_FAILURE); case ERI_NOT_IMPLEMENTED: default: debug_break(); // not expected to be reached Here is : I get the breakpoint. return ER_CONTINUE; } } crashlog.dmp
  9. Game crash!!!

    @stanislas69Have you found a solution to this problem, my friend?
  10. Game crash!!!

    @stanislas69 pyrogenesis.zip
  11. Game crash!!!

    @stanislas69use the autobuild . Do you have a solution to the problem?
  12. Game crash!!!

    @stanislas69ok, my friend! crashlog.dmp
  13. Game crash!!!

    @stanislas69 This is the latest SVN : [20029] by autobuild crashlog.txt