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  1. Can you fix the warning? Thank you!
  2. @elexis: I'm playing a single game ,The map used is: Corinthian Isthmus(4) , Not enable last man standing in the previous match, I chose enable the lock team. The warning came by accident.
  3. I only chose to lock team in the game options, and I didn't choose Last standing man why did this warning happen?
  4. Today, I tested the latest SVN19554, and when the game started, this warning message appeared: WARNING: Last man standing is only available in games with unlocked teams!
  5. Thank you, my friend!
  6. Today, I tested the latest SVN19536, using NSIS to compile the 0ad.nsi file, an error occurred: Invalid command: Unicode Error in script "D:\trunk\source\tools\dist\0ad.nsi" on line 17 -- aborting creation process
  7. I found that the hero does not have such a halo, which is why?
  8. A strange question, why the hero did not inspire aura?
  9. Is she the only aura? Why does she need halo? Others have no aura?
  10. She had this big circle, and he didn't, when I chose them, why?
  11. OK, first I apologized to me again, I tested the wraitii patch, this patch has been completely restored the problems I had, thank you very much for the wraitii patch, this patch should be used, it is very good, thank you!
  12. I tested the wraitii patch, although there was no mapping of the red and white squares, but the water sector was still red.
  13. @elexis How to solve this problem?
  14. Today, I tested the latest SVN19457 and found a map of the puddles in the game I tested the map is: African Plains. savegame-0150.0adsave
  15. Yes,the same error: WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntdll.dll *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntdll.dll