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  1. gameboy

    Map bug!

    @Stan` Good. This has been solved. Thank you.
  2. gameboy

    Map bug!

    @Loki1950 I don't see a building like this to be built, I have all the resources I need.
  3. gameboy

    Map bug!

    How do I build wonder?
  4. gameboy

    Map bug!

    I tested a lot of maps, and there were no Wonder or Relic options, even if you set the race conditions to win.
  5. gameboy

    Map bug!

    Yes, I set it but didn't see Relic. I would have seen it if I had set it.
  6. gameboy

    Map bug!

    @Stan` My English is not good. That's what I mean :wonder. There is no wonder in this map. Even if I choose wonder in the map Settings, I don't see wonder.
  7. gameboy

    Map bug!

    @Stan` It needs to be taken, and the battle won.
  8. gameboy

    Map bug!

    This bug happens in the map of Mediterranean coast. When I choose the winning condition in the menu, I can achieve miracles. But I don't find any miracles in the game. There were miracles before.
  9. @Itms Hello, itms . Thank you very much. The problem has been solved.
  10. @Itms @Stan` @elexis @Angen Just now, I tested the latest Changeset [23311] by autobuild, when I started the game, the game crashed. crashlog.txt
  11. @Angen Today, I tested the latest svn23304 with an error: ERROR: Failed to find matching prop point called "saddle" in model "art/meshes/skeletal/camel.dae" for actor "trader" commands.txt
  12. @Angen My friend, I tested the patch you provided today, but the warning information no longer exists, it was caused by the previous cache information, please upload your latest patch, I look forward to your new patch, I will help you test, thank you.
  13. @Angen I just got these warnings, and I had this warning in the game before I saved it. I tested it again. This is really an AI problem. Here's how it works: when a ship is on the shore, you board a group of soldiers in the distance, or you dock a ship built by a shipyard and wait for the soldiers. Another way to do this is to ask ships to dock near enemy shores. Merry Christmas.
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