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  1. gameboy

    SVN21848 ERROR!

    @elexis Today, I tested the latest SVN21847. When I opened the multiplayer lobby, the error message appeared: ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: gui/prelobby/common/credentials/credentials.xml:2: Did not expect text in element object content ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation failed for '(null)' ERROR: CXeromyces: failed to validate XML file gui/prelobby/common/credentials/credentials.xml
  2. @aeonios Will you continue to optimize your patch? My friend。 https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1486
  3. @ffffffff When will you do it?
  4. @ffffffff Can you tell us when the production will start? When will we see it?
  5. @vladislavbelov Will you implement this function in the near future? I think that day to night and sunrise and sunset alternately, thunder and rain.
  6. @vladislavbelov What would you do to change these problems? Do you have a good solution?
  7. @vladislavbelovYes, we need a weather function. Will I get this function in the near future? @aeonios Thank you very much, my friend, you have brought us a brand-new shadow function. It is really great.
  8. @aeonios We seem to have lost something.
  9. @aeonios My friend, I used your latest document, and I found a problem that still exists. I uploaded the screenshots.
  10. @aeonios yes, my friend!
  11. @aeonios No, the black on the building has not disappeared. Sorry, please forgive my question: when will you fix this problem?
  12. @aeoniosOK, my friend!
  13. @aeonios I tested it again, but I found a problem: when I opened the option: soft shadows, the shadow became blurred, and when I closed it, the shadow became clear, my God, what's the matter?
  14. @aeonios My friend, my file is damaged: dof_hdr.fs, can you provide a copy of this document? Thank you!
  15. @aeonios I really hope that you can find the root cause of the mistake as soon as possible. Good luck, my friend. Thank you for your help.