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    Okay, I got hold of a Raspberry Pi 3. There's now an experimental Gallium VC4 driver for the Broadcom VideoCore4 graphics chip in this device. OpenArena runs perfectly as you might expect as it is a common test case and complete. Anyway, there was 0.A.D in the Raspbian repository, albeit an old version, so I thought why not give this a go? It runs! At least through the menus, when you try to load a map it complains in the terminal about GL errors (this is with all effects disabled and quick and ugly water selected and closes. Not bad though eh? The open source driver that I'm using here supports desktop OpenGL 2.1 according to glxinfo as well as OpenGL ES. However I believe the hardware does not support S3TC and only supports... EGL? Whatever the compression Android uses is. Just thought I'd leave this here for someone to enjoy. Kind regards.
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    Might be worth mentioning that it's basically making sure the other player doesn't have any buildings for that mode, not just by destroying. I.e. mention something like "You have to destroy or capture all your opponents buildings." in the description of the victory condition.
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    I create websites and web applications for a living. :-) Keep up the good work.
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    another decent gameplay by this guy.
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    Something like this would work.
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    Haha, too bad for Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms!
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    So I think that Sir Wallace and The Bruce fit well on the last period Besides that,is the research ok?
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    1st period 500 - 800 2nd period 800 - 1071 3rd period 1071 - 1230 4th period 1230 - 1492 See FAQ.
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    Wallace? Where's The BRUCE???!!!!!
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    Which level is William Wallace?
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