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    Hellenic one hele_wall_river.zip
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    Ok sorry that it took me too long but here it is a new concept for a Taoist temple: I know it's not as epic as my previous, but for the sake of historical accuracy I reckon this fits the time frame better. It also won't be as stupidly massive as well! We can always save pagodas for part 2 or for the 1000AD mod (and I rather draw completely new concepts for them as well) Some references for the 8 trigrams and Incense cauldron:
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    See http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GamePerformance for status on performance tasks.
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    We now have a transition plan thanks to Jan and input from others at our last staff meeting. My personal opinion is that we pay for this on an annual basis through SPI. At the end of each year we can choose to renew the contract based on a reassessment of the situation. Once members of the hosting committee are decided, I will go ahead and create an internal forum (due to the sensitive nature of the content) and we can kick off. The way things things are looking right now, I am optimistic we can get things started by the end of July/early August.
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