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[Tutorials] Classical-Renaissance style drawing.

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It's truel what is shown in the tutorial to a style very close to the Renaissance.


This style is not very far from the Roman which serves as the basis for this style.


What Renaissance art takes further are the ornaments, the perspective, the colors and the anatomy.

But in theory it is still copying Hellenistic art And it uses a lot of Roman sculptures.

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I have to admit that this level is far beyond me.


Yes, because generally these are the best students who come since they are children in an art school.

To which we are simply casual artist without adequate preparation of years.

Drawing classes and drawing schools always seemed boring to me.

This is why fine art students always have an advantage over students who simply want to learn the business side of art.

It is how to compare a simple soldier of the Greek city-states, with a Spartan soldier at his best level and veteran.

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