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intuitive key-map


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In nearly every cases i used an intuitive key-combination, so the shortcut is easier to remember. some change to already assigned shortcuts are needed.

copy of some explanation by examples from https://github.com/sl5net/0ad_autociv_tips_trick_help_collections/blob/master/user.cfg-versions_only-the-middle-of-it/seeh/readme.md#examles

# examles:
space = jump/toggle last attack

## build examles:
space = jump/toggle last attack
h = build house
m = build markt
b = build backack
f = build farm
f,f = build farmstead
f,f,f = build fortress
.... etc. understand?

## select buildings examles:
space = jump/toggle last attack
ctrl+ h = select house
ctrl+ m = select markt
ctrl+ b = select backack
ctrl+ f = select farm
... etc.

## select Creatures examles:
alt+w = select wimens
alt+i = select infrantrie
alt+p = select picmans
alt+a = select archers/slingerrs...
.... etc. understand?


i use it i love it. perfect for beginners.


of course this needed the use of autoCiv (should be standard one of the best thinks of 0ad for me)

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1 hour ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

You published this video (link) in the forum?

if yes (if i did changes and updates, i always was report every change in the autiv, usually as text description, sometimes with YT-Lin). yes probably somewhere as a comment in the autoCiv. and its in my signature since very long time

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