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Away for months and still on the team?


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Its not up to us whether staffers dissapear or not :D but its not at all an uncommon thing. In the hustle and bustle of all the work that goes on here its pretty easy not to notice someone gone. It usually starts with them posting less and less until they're gone completely. And its not like that isn't allowed - this is all completely voluntary work and if you want to pick up your bags and go theres nothing stopping you.

As for Fede, his inactivity is understandable, he was in the history department and their job is for the most part finished (it involved working with the design department in making sure everything about the game is historically acurate) - though they'll be back in activity when we start working on the campaigns. Its possible he's taking a break and will come back when he wants to, but yes it anoys us more than it anoys you forumers when someone dissapears without notice ;)

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