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Trip to Rome

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The 2nd August me and my gf are going to Rome for 9 days. Has anyone else here been to Rome and got some tips? I've been there 4 years ago, though only for 3 days, so I've only seen the usual stuff (colloseum, forum, trevi fountain, spanish stairs, vatican, etc.). So I'm interested in the more obscure things to visit that aren't that known.

I'm also thinking about visiting the outskirts. Someone has any tips on that? I was thinking about Tivoli, old Ostia, and probably the castelli romani and the lake of Bracciano.

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I'd check out the facist architecture of Rome - I had written a massive post earlier giving you some insight and what not into this important politico-architectural movement, but firefox crashed in another window and I lost the post.

Italy's architecture of the 20s, 30s, and 40s is incredibly interesting to me because it exemplifies very clearly the sort of connections that architecture shares with politics, power, and psychology. I could write pages upon pages about my interest in this, but I will spare you because I am both busy and tired.

Perhaps I will feel up to the task soon once more :/

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