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Should the experience required for melee infantry to advance to advanced and elite be reduced?


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We often complain that melee infantry are too fragile and often die before becoming advanced and elite.
This is mainly because the melee infantry, as the soldier on the front line, is almost certain to be killed first, because the fiercest battle always starts with the melee infantry of both sides first and lasts until the melee infantry of one side is defeated.
So I don't think this problem can be solved simply by strengthening melee infantry armor or reducing the damage of ranged units.
If we make melee infantry less experience required for promotion than other types of soldiers. Then, in order to obtain advanced or elite soldiers, players do not need to engage in fierce decisive battles, but exercise soldiers through some small contact battles, so that the losses are controllable.
At the same time, losing high-level or elite melee infantry in the heat of battle does not drop the player into complete passive.

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