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1) No, and it will not be done for a long time. Expect the engine to be done by the time 0 A.D. is completely done :)

2) If it was done, I doubt that would have been possible, because we're not giving out any binary/source code before beta stage. Also, if we wanted people to build their own games using the 0 A.D. engine, we'd have made 0 A.D. an open source project, no? :P You will be having some great possibilities to do modding on the final product, though, so you can in fact create your own game out of it.

3) See above, but I think we won't like a commercial game based on 0 A.D., since the primary principle of 0 A.D. is (and has ever been) to create a freeware game. So yes, I think we would mind.

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2) 0 A.D. is a free game, Pyrogenesis engine, however, is not. We have plans for things after 0AD. If you're detirmined to make a serious project out of our engine then we might have licensing options availible for that - it certainly is going to be MUCH cheaper than licensing from proffesionally endorsed companies. But either way, its not me to decide what happens with the engine, plans might change, and for now all we're worrying about is completing it and our game.

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Hi all.

I want to ask something. I will probaby introduce myself as an idiot, but this game is 3D (like AoM), 3D with sprites (medieval Total War) or 2D (like AoK)? Will it be running on DX, OpenGL or even Glide?

I use Linux and I'd like to play this game without installing Microsoft's OS, so if this game won't be designed for Linux and if it won't run on DX, I would be able to run it using Wine.

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I think you should give us you 3d egine. Not for free, we should pay for it. Somethnig like GarageGames did with Torque RTS Kit.

BTW, I'm working too on RTS engine, but it's more general engine which will include 3D modeler, editor and IDE. Not only for RTS games.


I'm new here. My first post. Keep on your good work.

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Welcome ;)

I'm pretty sure we will never sell the game engine. IF (big if) we did put the game engine in the public's hands, it would probably be in an open source format. But, only after the two games using the engine have been released.

If you'd like to purchase one... like you say the Torque RTS kit is a nice way to start off.

Good luck with your engine too!

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