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Geyser particle effect

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I tried to make a geyser particle effect, but I'm not very good with math, numbers, physics, angles, or nature.

Any suggestions? This is my code so far

g_Map.log("Gush the geysers");
let clGeyser = g_Map.createTileClass();
let num = Math.floor(diskArea(scaleByMapSize(3, 5)));
let geyserGroup = new SimpleGroup([new SimpleObject("actor|particle/geyser.xml", num, num, 0, 7)], false, clGeyser);
	stayClasses(clWater, 0),


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <blend mode="over"/>

    <constant name="emissionrate" value="200.0"/>
    <uniform name="lifetime" min="1.0" max="1.3"/>

    <constant name="position.y" value="0.0"/>

    <uniform name="angle" min="-3.14" max="3.14"/>

    <uniform name="velocity.x" min="-0.3" max="0.3"/>
    <uniform name="velocity.y" min="2.0" max="2.5"/>
    <uniform name="velocity.z" min="160" max="200"/>

    <uniform name="velocity.angle" min="-0.775" max="0.795"/>

    <uniform name="velocity.angle" min="-2.0" max="2.0"/>

    <uniform name="size" min="0.5" max="1.5"/>
    <force y="-0.3"/>

and the screenshot shows my current results.


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I'm not a 100% sure, but comparing it to fireworks.xml, which I guess should look close to what you want to achieve, it looks like veloxity.y is actual the vertical direction while x & z are the horizontal directions.

So I would suggest trying a similar/ the same small (possibly negative) value for x & z and a higher (positive) value for y.

nice hills btw :)

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