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Match Making & ranking divisions (gold bronze diamond etc)

bad player

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theres lot of players now, honestly setting up a multiplayer game is so time consuming and boring you might as well create matchmaking and ranked games


may be hard to find 8 players of similar ranking but not 4 players of similar ranking, or even 2 players, in the same time

can also display the amount of "people currently in queue for a 4v4 ranked" so that players will know to not waste time searching for 4v4 ranked when theres 0 people in 4v4 queue

(also do this for 1v1 and 2v2) they can then go for 1v1 ranked match making


i suggest mainland as the map for ranked games


and yes you dont need to be expert from psychology to know that the system of ranking badges (bronze gold etc) is ADDICTING !! and makes players want to play more, study more and improve themselves more

(meanwhile setting up a game is so boring and daunting and then theres practically 0 reward for winning, rankeds would change it)


i suggest to create ranking badges similar to these in league of legends (although they dont have to be copies, you can base them and their names on history)

i also suggest to create a panel (whole window) where u can view your and other players ranked info

and there you would see his ranking badges for 1v1,2v2 and 4v4 modes (3 different badges)


right now ranked games are in sorry state, completely inexistent, completely abusable and completely failing to do what they should

i think it goes without saying but DC/exiting a ranked should be equal to lose ive been wondering why thats not the case but its a must. if you are scared of players simply ddosing their opponents in rankeds games then there must be a solution to this i believe. and its not like everyone can ddos


about 25%+ of players simply exit game or even pull out their ethernet cable (to somehow make the lie more believable) to not lose ranking points

i remember a player who did this numerous times i doubt he got banned, he even was reported multiple times by different people

to me rankeds are a serious matter as name implies and they shouldnt be easily abusable like that


these are my thoughts and suggestions regarding rankeds take it or leave it

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