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Hi, I'm Rilde

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Hey ya'll

I used to be Silenril, but I forgot my password and just decided to get a new account. So I pretty much described myself a few topics below in "Hi, I'm Silenril". I'm still interested in TLA, and I'm still interested in drawing fantasy costumes and wardrobes and stuff, and I'm working on getting a good pic of one of my sketches posted. I don't think I'm good enough to be a concept artist, but I could help with costume design ideas if you need someone for that. So, uh, hi again!

I just won my second fencing tournement! Yeah baby!

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Hey Silenril!

Are you sure you don't want your password?

We can give your password to you if you want.

That's okay, but thank you. Is it possible for you to delete the account, tho?

If you could do that for me, that would be great.

I'm taking up fencing as soon as I get into college.

Awesome! Will you be fencing foil, epee or sabre? I fence foil for now, but I hope to progress on to epee and sabre in the near future.

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