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Han starting units

Choose the Han starting units, based on the strongest start they can have  

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  1. 1. Which of these Melee Infantry should be a starting unit for the Han?

    • Infantry Spearman
    • Infantry Swordsman
    • Infantry Pikeman
  2. 2. Which of these Ranged Infantry should be a starting unit for the Han?

    • Infantry Archer
    • Infantry Crossbowman
  3. 3. Which of these Cavalry units should be a starting unit for the Han?

    • Cavalry Spearman
    • Cavalry Swordsman
    • Cavalry Archer
    • Cavalry Crossbowman

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The subject of which units the Han should start with is a debated one. It would be best if you tried out the Han in SVN first before voting. 


By "Starting units", I mean those free units you receive at the beginning of the match and which are also the same units you are able to train from the CC in Phase 1.

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The Han people do not judge the status of the soldier by the cost of weapons/armor, because the weapons are provided by the state.
It depends on the difficulty of mastering the weapon, that is, the level of martial arts, mastering the spear/Ji is more difficult than mastering the sword, so the soldiers who use the spear/Ji should appear later. Mastering the bow is more difficult than mastering the crossbow, so the archer should appear later than the crossbowman (not absolutely, it depends on the pull of the bow and the crossbow, the soft bow is easier to master than the strong crossbow). Using a sword and shield on a horse is more difficult than using a bow or spear/halberd with both hands off the reins, so mounted archers and lancers appeared later than sword cavalry.

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