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Calculus 1

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Calc is the math subject I find the most interesting by far... where else do you get to deal with infinity and do such previously unimaginable things as finding the areas under curves, and that sort of stuff? If you're gonna get excited about math, get excited about calculus.

Good luck in your course Carlos. B)

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I'm afraid you misunderstand, mon ami.

I just learned hte power rule when I first brushed up on calc, in about sixth grade, as in it was the only thing I knew to use.

Right now in Calc we're doing exponential functions and solving differentual equations that involve exponents and logs and separation of variables.

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Andy, as you and I both know, no real calc student would even think of using that uncouth quotient rule- negative exponents or bust!

I managed to pull off an A on my final; it's much better news than that awful "dirty dozen" test.

On the the physics teachers at my school taught finding the derivatives of polynomials to his second grade daughter: "just make this exponent fly down here, subtract one and voila!" :P

Also worth noting is the fact that I have 3 math quizzes or tests in the period of 2 days- sadly, none of this is even makeup work.

Today we had some math exam- I'm sure some of you high schoolers will or have taken it- 25 questions worth 6 points each. And less than one percent of everyone who takes it gets 120 points or more! AMSE or some acronym like that..

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