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Multiplayer lobby player colors

What part of the player information should be colored?  

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  1. 1. What part of the player information should be colored?

    • Only player names
    • Only ratings
    • Both player names and ratings

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To be clear, i'm asking everyone, not just developers

In an attempt to improve the multiplayer lobby ui, i want to collect some opinions. You can find the related patch here and obviously is still a work in progress (what i'm about to ask hasn't been included yet).

One of the ideas i had was to give players colors based on their rating. vid for reference as example:

Now the question is, which colors would you like to see it change into depending on rating?*

Right now it goes from Green (700) -> white (1200) -> Gold (1200-1999) -> Red (2500) in small increments (~every 25 rating the color will change, unless in the red zone) the higher the rating is. Please also vote in the poll.


*One thing to also keep in mind is that there are player status icons that also have colors depending on what the player is doing like so:



Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I'm aware 1700-2000 doesn't change much, which i will fix. It's more of a showcase to give you an idea.

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45 minutes ago, nani said:

I don't know if this would be a good change (opinion), if I want to know the rating of someone I just read his rating not the color.

It's not out of necessity but more of a fun way to represent rank and it being a small reward for the 1v1's you've been through. Though, there was an opinion that there are to many font colors going on (every player has a vastly different color) which kinda got me into looking into font-colors altogether. This could potentially bring it together a little more or at least develop a pattern (or it could still be to crowded for some). I get what you mean though, and there are probably like-minded people. So your opinion is noted.

I also could consider making an option to enable/disable font colors in general.

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