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Ahmed A. Elsayed

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First, maybe you haven't found all of the maps that are already available in the game. When you start a new game, change "Map Type" to Random, then click "Browse Maps", and you will see a lot more maps than with the default "Map Type" of Skirmish.

Second, the way to install new maps is to install mods.

In order to install mods, from the main menu, click Settings, Mod Selection, Download Mods, Accept, (choose the mod to install), Download, Back. Click on the mod at the top, click "Enable" at the lower left, then click Save and Restart. Now you should have some new maps when you next play the game. But in order to play in the game lobby it is probably necessary to disable the mod.

Unfortunately, the only mod that would contain new maps currently is "delenda-est". The maps that it adds are: "Britannic Road (2 players), Caldera (3), Miletus Peninsula (2), Treasure Island (2), Two Seas Redux (6), White Cliffs of Dover (5). Acropolis Bay heavily altered. Autymn Fields is a reskinned Gallic Fields, and Alpine Valleys reskin. New sandbox scenarios for many of the civs. Started on Corinthian Isthmus (8 players), Blue Nile (4), and Scythian Steppes (4)." (From the description of Delenda Est here.)

Sometimes the community-maps or community-maps-2 mods are signed for in-game installation, but they haven't been signed recently enough to work with the current version of 0 A.D.

Installing mods with the in-game interface is the only way that is recommended for new users. Mods available there have been verified to be free of malware.

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many thanks for your replycommunity-maps and community-maps-2 are what i'm asking about, as i installed community-maps-2 in the last version of the game by unzipping the public.zip file and putting new maps there then zipping it again, and the game worked properly, but after the update this way doesn't work anymore, so i wondered if there's another way to install those maps again.

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