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Campaign proposal: Seleucid Nicators rise

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I wanted to advocate an idea for an campaign and hope we can create something. The first thing I would like to do is to find historical inspiration for the missions.

Mission 1: Battle of Gaza: Together with your ally ptolemy, you defeat Demetrius the besieger. In this mission the both sides start with a big army and you get to control it.

Mission 2: The Babylonian War: This time the opponent are the antigonids again. In this mission it is important to capture local/gaia CCs and get the local support. Maybe we can find a role for Local(Persian) troops in this war.

Mission 3: Seleucid–Mauryan war: The opponent is the Mauryas, but I am not sure what the mission should further look like. I think that from the fact that Chandragupta Maurya accepted to marry Seleucids daughter probably means Seleucus army fought honorably.

Mission 4: The battle of Ipsus: Personally, I prefer mission where u build an army instead of just starting with some armies and then fighting it out. So I do not have a lot of ideas for this mission.

Mission 5: The defeat of Demetrius in Cilicia: In this mission, you will avoid a direct confrontation and instead you will opt to chose a number of fortifications in order to to trap the army of Demetrius of which they join Seleucus.

Mission 6: Aftermath of the Battle of Corupedium: After Lysimachus is defeated, you are tasked with a small army to take some possession in Asia Minor.

Maybe extra mission could be added. Also it would be nice if the galatians could get a role if they deserve so.


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Nice, I like it! :)

I'd like to help out, if possible. I don't have deep historical knowledge around these events, but I'm open to learn if you guys have some suggestions of books/materials to start with 


>Personally, I prefer mission where u build an army instead of just starting with some armies and then fighting it out.

ahaha I like those! They make for good storytelling, I think! :)

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