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I made a mod called 10ad. It changes the game very little.

faster (and cheaper) economy
upgrades and fewer houses required.

## Details

These upgrades are all free and very fast to complete.

### Storehouse and Farmhouse

You can do the upgrades immediately after building them. There is only
one upgrade for each resource, but it increases your gathering rate to
the same value you'd get after doing the village, town, and city
upgrade in the unmodded version of 0ad.

### Housing

You can do the home garden upgrade immediately after building a house.
It will give you an 80% population bonus.



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I've played this mod outside the lobby a few times with @Jammyjamjammanand it works fine when using a skirmish map. But... when trying to play on a random map, we get an out of sync (OOS) error right after the game starts (after the map load).

We've confirmed his mod data matches mine (he's pulling from my git repo). We're both using a25b.

Anyone have any clue as to why this very small mod would cause an OOS in that situation?

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  • andy5995 changed the title to 10ad

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