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Olympic Village

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Gotta love it! I especially like the last paragraph. :P:P


Olympic Athletes to Be Given Free Condoms

ATHENS (Reuters) - Athletes at next month's Athens Olympics are expected to go for gold in the bedroom as well as on the field, with 130,000 free condoms being made available throughout the Games.

Condom manufacturer Durex has donated the prophylactics as well as 30,000 sachets of lubricant for the August 13-29 Olympics, "to smooth the performance of the world's elite sports people in the arena and under the covers," it said in a statement.

The condoms will be available to over 17,000 athletes and officials at the pharmacy of the athletes' Olympic village.

"The condoms will come in an individual pack, with an instruction leaflet in various languages," said a spokeswoman for Durex Greece.

"We have discussed the numbers with the organizing committee and we think they are realistic as we know from previous Olympics that athletes do come into contact during the Games."

In the Sydney 2000 Games, each competing athlete was given 51 condoms on arrival at the Olympic Village, but another 20,000 had to be shipped in when supplies began to run low.

07/27/04 09:46

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That is horrible... but extremely funny.

"are expected to go for gold in the bedroom"- LoL

I hope half of the athletes threw some of theirs out to look cool because 51 apiece!

Atleast there won't be a shortage on future olympians :P

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Don't know what's "horrible" about it... :P

Think about it... you are living in a village of THOUSANDS of young people of the opposite sex for a month. They are all extremely athletic. They are all around your age. They are all exotic to you. And a good percentage of them are probably very attractive. :P

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I say horrible because 51 condoms:30 Days - AND they had to ship in more because of a shortage.

Thats 2 a day almost everyday....

And I dont know about you, but girls that 'get around' that much, no matter how attractive they are... :P

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Thats 2 a day almost everyday....

Think about group dynamics and the fact that the average age of Olympic athletes is probably late teens/early twenties... most of those condoms might have been thrown away, and then the fact (read: story) that they were "utilized in a fashion consistent with their recommended use" was created for the benefit of said athlete's friends. :P

But anyrate, I bet the majority of the condoms were lost or thrown away. And secondly, currently there are 360 million sexual acts being performed on this planet by human beings while you are reading this. A couple thousands bumps and humps at the Olympics is a drop in the bucket.

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