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Why can i not load my custom map in Alpha 25?

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I am trying to run my custom map South East Asia,

I placed the South_East_Asia.pmp and South_East_Asia.xml files inside /home/pinto/Documents/0ad/binaries/data/mods/public/maps/scenarios

but i am having problems. When i load the map, Alpha 25 segfaults and displays the following message on the terminal:

$ ./pyrogenesis 
TIMER| InitVfs: 23.8332 ms
Writing the mainlog at /home/pinto/.config/0ad/logs/mainlog.html
TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 18.8077 ms
Sound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL Soft
TIMER| shutdown ConfigDB: 79.267 us
TIMER| resource modules: 521.016 ms
TIMER TOTALS (9 clients)
  tc_pool_alloc: 0 c (0x)
  tc_png_decode: 0 c (0x)
  tc_dds_transform: 0 c (0x)
  tc_transform: 0 c (0x)
  tc_plain_transform: 0 c (0x)
  tc_ShaderGLSLLink: 0 c (0x)
  tc_ShaderGLSLCompile: 0 c (0x)
  tc_ShaderValidation: 0 c (0x)
  xml_validation: 0 c (0x)
TIMER| shutdown misc: 464.88 us
TIMER| InitVfs: 1.52447 ms
Writing the mainlog at /home/pinto/.config/0ad/logs/mainlog.html
TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 28.6992 ms
Sound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL Soft
UserReport written to /home/pinto/.config/0ad/logs/userreport_hwdetect.txt
TIMER| RunHardwareDetection: 88.3513 ms
TIMER| write_sys_info: 16.2818 ms
TIMER| InitRenderer: 77.209 ms
TIMER| ps_console: 18.4001 ms
TIMER| ps_lang_hotkeys: 3.15225 ms
TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 22.1338 ms
TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 429.563 us
TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 2.51888 ms
TIMER| common/setup.xml: 1.15458 ms
TIMER| common/sprites.xml: 3.55792 ms
TIMER| common/styles.xml: 351.972 us
TIMER| pregame/backgrounds/: 3.19199 ms
TIMER| pregame/sprites.xml: 375.72 us
TIMER| pregame/styles.xml: 159.873 us
TIMER| pregame/mainmenu.xml: 418.89 ms
TIMER| common/global.xml: 665.619 us
TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 172.125 us
TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 133.655 us
TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 1.41471 ms
TIMER| common/sprites.xml: 537.27 us
TIMER| splashscreen/setup.xml: 1.37744 ms
TIMER| splashscreen/splashscreen.xml: 24.0375 ms
TIMER| common/global.xml: 273.046 us
TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 147.096 us
TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 115.492 us
TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 1.02008 ms
TIMER| common/setup.xml: 299.342 us
TIMER| common/sprites.xml: 560.042 us
TIMER| common/styles.xml: 92.851 us
TIMER| loadgame/load.xml: 138.126 ms
TIMER| GetSavedGames: 11.786 ms
TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 201.056 us
TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 184.124 us
TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 1.84496 ms
TIMER| common/setup.xml: 357.055 us
TIMER| common/sprites.xml: 710.648 us
TIMER| common/styles.xml: 115.152 us
TIMER| loadgame/load.xml: 17.2758 ms
TIMER| GetSavedGames: 3.311 us
TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 285.538 us
TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 251.378 us
TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 2.36145 ms
TIMER| common/setup.xml: 468.513 us
TIMER| common/sprites.xml: 866.208 us
TIMER| common/styles.xml: 157.26 us
TIMER| gamesetup/setup.xml: 96.823 ms
TIMER| gamesetup/styles.xml: 253.182 us
TIMER| gamesetup/gamesetup.xml: 196.291 ms
TIMER| common/global.xml: 272.361 us
Writing replay to /home/pinto/.local/share/0ad/replays/0.0.25/2021-05-17_0001
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'PSERROR_Game_World_MapLoadFailed'
  what():  Could not load terrain file - too old version!
Aborted (core dumped)

Am I doing something wrong?




Version of Alpha 25 is the most recent from the github mirror.

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29 minutes ago, Mirzashakiba said:

I installed 0 .A.D Alpha 25 

Everything's okay but map editor(scenario editor) has problem and doesn't open and it fails to initialize 

What should I do to fix it?

Please help me!

Map format was changed between A24 and A25 you need to convert your map.

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 @crazy_BaboonIs this map still active? It's playable but still has elevation problems. Some areas can't be accessed from the shores, with only a very limited space to place docks, land troops, and some straights are unpassable to anything else than fishing ships. I don't know if it's voluntary or not.

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