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Story Writing Contest


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This is the contest you've all been waiting for... THE STORY WRITING CONTEST ! :(

The judges will be me & shykre...if anyone wishes to be judge as well plz tell me :(

Basically I think a limit of 1000 words would be sufficient.

A short story based on fantasy maybe ?

we need suggestions concerning the theme, rules :( , etc.

comments are welcome ! :(

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you can always try :P

write it in your language, then we'll use the all popular internet translators :P :P

Theme suggestions so far :

Perception of the unknown

Tolkien style (middle-age, fantasy, quest kinda...I guess :P)

@Tim : LOL, I should have asked you to post first...

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How about a sci-fi fantasy story theme?

When will the deadline be. Perhaps about a month is enough time to write a story. I think that the entries should be emailed to ayka and shykre, then they can do the voting and later post links to all of the stories for everyone to read each in a seperate document. How does that sound?:P

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Hear ye, hear ye


You are a roman soldier heading to defeat ignomious barbarians of Carthago. You must be the soldier, speak as if you were him, inside his mind and his perceptions.

You have 1000-1500 words to write the short story. Anything can be welcome. You are a soldier heading to battle...

Veni, Vedi, Vici?

The contest ends on FEBRUARY 29th 2004 (thank god or the gods depending if your pagan, for such a wondrous day :P)

Please EMAIL your work ONLY ONCE to the following addresses



A reception notice from both addresses will be sent as soon as we get the work.

Good luck to all.

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This can be fiction correct? I won't be disqualified if I miss some historical detail about Roman battles? :P

no, but try to remain in the historical events as much as possible...don't start talking about guns or anything of the sort, okay ? :P

By Carthago, you mean Carthage right? I ran a google on it and there were an awful lot of links to tourist websites in Tunisia  :P

yes it's Carthage.

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