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[AppImage] can't cd to /tmp/.mount_0

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Update 4: Now, there is sound when I start it with a bash script. That's very weird. If you know the reason please let me know.

Update 3: I have no sound when I start the game with a bash script. Do you know how to fix this?

Update 2: I placed a bash script on my desktop to run the game. I do not know why a symbolic link did not work, but with a bash script it works. :rolleyes:

Update: If I do not use a shortcut it works. Do you know how I can add a working shortcut to the .AppImage file?


I'd like to use the AppImage of the game, but unfortunately, it crashes with this error log:



/tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//0ad: 2: cd: can't cd to /tmp/.mount_0
CreateDirectories: failed to mkdir ././/share/games (mode 448)
file_system.cpp(158): Function call failed: return value was -1 (Function failed (no details available))
Function call failed: return value was -1 (Function failed (no details available))
Location: file_system.cpp:158 (CreateDirectories)

Call stack:

(0x55eefdeba0de) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x5ec0de) [0x55eefdeba0de]
(0x55eefde60919) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x592919) [0x55eefde60919]
(0x55eefde624ab) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x5944ab) [0x55eefde624ab]
(0x55eefde72282) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x5a4282) [0x55eefde72282]
(0x55eefde71f29) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x5a3f29) [0x55eefde71f29]
(0x55eefde71f29) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x5a3f29) [0x55eefde71f29]
(0x55eefde71e8b) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x5a3e8b) [0x55eefde71e8b]
(0x55eefde7e193) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x5b0193) [0x55eefde7e193]
(0x55eefdb2d64b) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x25f64b) [0x55eefdb2d64b]
(0x55eefd932886) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x64886) [0x55eefd932886]
(0x55eefd922527) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x54527) [0x55eefd922527]
(0x7fd4c340d0b3) /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf3) [0x7fd4c340d0b3]
(0x55eefd9306cb) /tmp/.mount_0 A.D.yLVJfl/usr/bin//pyrogenesis(+0x626cb) [0x55eefd9306cb]

errno = 0 (?)
OS error = ?


I'm new to Linux so I have no clue how to fix this. When I try to run it with sudo I get this error:


/tmp/.mount_0 A.D.FTbAYa/usr/bin//0ad: 2: cd: can't cd to /tmp/.mount_0
WARNING: Attempted to run the game with root permission!
This is not allowed because it can alter home directory
permissions and opens your system to vulnerabilities.   
(You received this message because you were either      
  logged in as root or used e.g. the 'sudo' command.)    



Could you please help me to fix this?

Thanks & regards,

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