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  1. https://www.appimagehub.com/p/1438982/ It works now, but if you have a better solution (I need to use the AppImage though)... Update: I did not know that there is a new version of 0 A.D. - that's awesome! I have installed the version from Snap Store now.
  2. Update 4: Now, there is sound when I start it with a bash script. That's very weird. If you know the reason please let me know. Update 3: I have no sound when I start the game with a bash script. Do you know how to fix this? Update 2: I placed a bash script on my desktop to run the game. I do not know why a symbolic link did not work, but with a bash script it works. Update: If I do not use a shortcut it works. Do you know how I can add a working shortcut to the .AppImage file? Hi, I'd like to use the AppImage of the game, but unfortunately, it crashes with this e
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