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Hi there,

I downloaded the game and played a few matches with no problems, but suddenly I've started experiencing this problem with the graphics on startup and when playing the game. I searched the forum and found this topic. I tried disabling postprocessing and GSLS as the commenter suggested to no avail. The computer is brand new so I don't see how it can be a display driver issue but will try updating all the same. Any other tips?



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Hi everybody. Just installed here the 0ad-0.0.24b-alpha-win32.exe and I had the very same problem: the green graphical bug. I did the above trick and it worked, but... sometimes the green bug comes back. For instance, when I get a pop-up message from my Telegram desktop. I am using an Intel® UHD Graphics 600 Display on a LED full HD 13,3" (1920 x 1080).

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