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Odd lag issue with particular hosts.

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Hello all, 

I have been having some strange new lag problems that I have never seen before. I used to play 0ad on a 2011 Mac desktop, but I have recently changed to a 2016 macbook pro. On the 2011 mac I had never experienced myself lagging out a server except when my internet was underperforming. On the new computer, I have found that on certain hosts, I consistently lag bad enough that hosts kick me upon entry (even before game launch), while on other hosts my connection has absolutely no lag whatsoever. I tried different hosts soon after one another (to minimize changes in conditions), and considering different days; the lag is always there for the same handful of hosting players and never there for another handful of hosting players.

Are there ways I can view my connection statistics to the host or does anyone have any advice on this problem? To me it remains enigmatic.

I posted here because I could not find a similar discussion elsewhere and because people in the lobby seem indifferent about the issue.

I hope someone can at least shed some light on this issue or what problems I might be facing.

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I don't see any particular reason why this should happen. One possible explanation is simply that some hosts are much farther away from you, physically, and thus you get lag? Which part of the world are you in?

The disconnect issue should be mostly fixed with A24, which will release soon.

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Hi wraitii,

It's awesome to hear about the disconnect issue being fixed. As for the lag I cause on certain 0ad hosts, I have logged onto my brother's computer (same model and OS version) and tried the same hosts at the same time and confirmed that he does not experience any lag. I live in Oregon, USA, which is on the West coast. When he comes back I am thinking of copying the settings for 0ad he has arranged on his computer; I don't know if there are some settings that impact connection.

Last night I tried finding the ping of the connection to 0ad and it seemed to be averaging around 300 ms. That was on a host who lives in the USA as well. I saw that I was lagging only a little, so it seems my connection is worse across the board, unlike what I observed earlier (about lag only on certain hosts).

I will provide an update about the settings experiment sometime soon.

The help is much appreciated!

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Hm, this is quite odd. Points to an issue with your computer settings somehow. Any chance you could do the following:

- try a LAN game with your brother, check if you lag

- try to play another game in MP and see if your ping is higher than your brother

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Ok, my brother and I tried a number of things. 

1. LAN games: He hosted a LAN game, and I joined, there was lag and even some times where the connection warning said I was losing connection. When I hosted one for him to join, He lagged in the exact same way. 

2. MP games: in normal multiplayer no connection warnings appear for him on hosts where I left because of lag. From a Larger survey of hosts, it seems the only host I can reliably connect to is the one from USA. Also, it seems that my brother has the same problem just not as severe.

Here are some screenshots from an MP game that had only 2 players and me as spectator to test. I have Activity Monitor running as well.


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