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Going in to Hero Mode could be unlocked a couple ways, either with a Delenda Est-style resource like Glory that can be used to buy Hero Mode time, or maybe allow the Hero to rank-up with kills like other units, ranking up far enough to allow Hero Mode.

While in this mode the hero has double resistance and double attack. The mode has a time limit, and takes time to recharge.



Upper left button: Hero button replaced by the "Back to Strategic View" button; hotkey: Spacebar; take player out of hero mode. The health bar here indicates how much health all of the player's units have (if you see it dropping precipitously, you might have an indication that there's an attack elsewhere killing your people and might want to go back to Strategic View to deal with it)

Lower right: A panel combines the Unit Viewer information and the health bar of the hero. 

W: Move Forward
A: Strafe Left
S: Backup
D: Strafe Right
Q: Turn Left
E: Turn Right
Z: Toggle Weapons - Whichever weapons are available to this hero
X: Army Command - Follow; affects nearby soldiers, causes them to follow and guard the player's hero
C: Army Command - Charge; affects nearby soldiers; causes them to charge ahead of the hero by 50 meters in an Attack-Move

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