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On 05/02/2021 at 8:26 PM, DerekO said:

@seehI was the one who hosted the tournaments before, I'll be changing schools so I am wondering if I should host 1 last ones

i dont know :) i like it. i sarching long time for good plattform this. you could have a tipp for me?

i not totally happy with my searching results (blow). i searched a solution without registering, without acocount. becouse i believe that people dont do the work vor extra registering.



recommended config:

1. https://app.kickertool.de/tournaments
2. press 'new tournaments' right top:
3. press: rounds (the blue)
4. Number of Tables: 2 or so
5. Goals: Quick Entry
6. Winning Sets: 1 Set
7. Points for Win: 1 Point
8. press: next
9. press: single (orange button)
10. enter the names
11. press: next
12. Group 1 is for not rated player or player <= 1000 rated player
13. Group 2 is for the other players rated <= 2000 rated player
14. Group 3 is for the other players rated <= 3000 rated player
15. press: next
16. Name it: 0ad 2021-01-24
21. press: Start elimination
22. press: start (orange)
23. enter results if the happens



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I guess a platform where people dont have to register is good. But the main thing is to be a good coordinator and have a clean communication. Which has not been made in previous tournament. Meanwhile saying that, I appreciated the effort that have been made into it. Anyway, seeing the answers not coming here, not sure if it's worth the effort! But to know... just do, invite and see what happens.

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