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A new bot for 0ad (Common Bot)

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Hi, a couple of days ago, I have been banned from the game (mehh, I wanted it because I was addicted and wanted to pass the Xmas in family then created smurf accounts :) but this is not the question).


On the time of my bannation, I was ... bored. Passed a very nice Xmas but ... wanted to play... but ... the very hard agressive Petra was too easy :( and was not playing really as a common player would do. There was one (yes, only one thing) which was looking bad to me : the manner he is actually building houses...


In fact, Petra builds houses ALWAYS in the same area near of each others and this is quiet embarrasing to me so I have created a mod which is in fact another bot, derived of Petra (yes, I have litteraly copied Petra code :) )  and which do principaly two (02) things differently of Petra but which things change a lot the result of his gameplay. This two (02) changes are when he builds farmstead and how he builds houses.

The rules were easy. Pick a random place of your territory, if this place is not THE optimized place for a farm, storehouse, etc, place an house there; if there is a need of houses and ressources to exploit far away of your influence territory, try to extend (get more influence or force) by building an house towards the ressources, then build the storehouse.

The second one is relative to the game starting technique. The actual Petra builds a farmstead only if he has a farm and an house built while Common Bot doesn't mind to get it at any time.


The principal advantage of Common is that he just pick the nearest units of the houses building chosen position to perform the task. And it saves him a lot of time.

I will attach soon some games between Petra and Common (1v1 and 4v4).

I will compile the mod and distribute it soon if the community agrees.

I am also waiting for some suggests to improve it (I already have some ideas for newer versions).

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Bad english :)
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