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When Was Your Zenith?

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What random map/campaign game(s) did you find that your tactical skills were the most taxed? When was your greatest victory?

Since Empire Earth is just about the hardest game I have ever played, the most difficult game was probably; In the German campagin - the Somme.

My zenith - I have played too many random maps... I'd say for Empire Earth; The Date: WW2, the game time - 4 hours, the map - plains, the caualties - over 13,000 all around, it was 3 against 7 - those are the facts, this is the story. The first part of the game was easy, I crushed the first 3 opponents, and then - came the last four. The teal dude was all the way up in the corner, so I had to deal with 3 airforces all at once. finnaly crushed him, then came the green dude - his nukes distroyed 3 armies, and finnaly I won the upper hand. Only two left- maroon, and Orange - as I neared Orange's city, dozens of anti-tank aircraft buzzed the sky... then my AA kicked in and destroyed them, I built my nearby base, and then chared... howitzers blazing, flame throwers flaming, infantry firing, and tanks grilling. Until the snipers came... one moment there were 100 infantry, the next moment there were 100 dead infantry. My howitzers, without infantry support, crumbled instantanioulsy, but my tanks and flak stood. I attempted to reinforce, but all attempts failed... until, in desperation, I put my Panzers (only tanks left) into a circle formation, and my flak into a circle formation just inside the tank circle. For nearly 10 minutes the stood there, nothing could break them. I finnaly reinforced them by placing my rally points in the center of the circle, and I built a bunch of mortars, and howitzers, that were finnaly able to end this guy. the maroon dude died to quick to talk about. So that's my Zenith... how about you. Please post several of your best battles, 1 per post.

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My greatest Zenith was with AoE2 The Conquerors, one on one with my AI. I modified it so that it will pick the strategy randomly and here goes.

As it was Arabia, 1v1 I expect that him (Huns) will go for a castle-rush versus me (huns) as I know on these settings crush gets picked 80%. So I went for an early castle-age defense. As I just hit the castle-age button, men-at-arms supported by skirmishers and archer occured. About 15 of them and they wiped out all of my woodies. Too good I had my 2 stables so far and managed to build one tower at my goldies which wiped out 2 infantry and 1 archer. As I hit castle age I pumped knights from both stables and spearmen from my rax. Having built another tower I could easily defend the flush of the duke. The he went for a castle and it was basically a tower-and-knight-race. Both dudes had towers, knights, spearmen and the mandatory cavalry-archers to support. We crippled our economies while 3 TCs where pumping villies. I forgot to manage to build a monastery and get one of the relics so at the 35 minute mark my opponent had 4 of them, getting him an extensive gold bonus. As he then began to concentrate more on knights I put some more spearmen in. I could kill a couple more knights of his, but then he used a different attack route and crushed most of my goldies. That was basically the end for me. He went for cavarcher-only for a couple of minutes and with that nearly crippled my economy. As I got some knights in he switched to cavarcher-spearman and got to imperial by that time, upgraded the cavarchers, put some trebuchets in and I was done.

It's my greatest loss, but as my AI won, it was my greatest win. One of the best games I have ever played !

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