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Hotkeys completely broken

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The hotkeys are completely non-existent for mac. I've found out completely on my own different fixes for what the hotkeys say, such as, (set camera f5-f8) instead is fnf5-f7 then shift fn f8 for the last one..


There is no way as far as every methodology I have tried for mouse modifications to select only wounded units, O+left click does not work, nor does any variation I attempted to conceive. Please either fix or publish a secondary hot-key list for mac. 

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Are you using a QWERTY-English setup? I have to say I haven't tested all hotkeys, but I'm plying on a french keyboard and they're mostly borked because of the Azerty layout.

We do need to fix it though. More work for A 24 :) 

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@wraitii I am indeed using a QWERTY-English setup keyboard on the Macbook Air. I do realize in all seriousness that complaining about the functionality of a mac computer in application to gaming is not a problem at all to many veteran, especially pc gamers, but rather an attempted misuse of the technology altogether. Perhaps not to be the focal-point of a game still in Alpha with mechanics and structures not yet entirely complete. However, to take a pvp environment seriously with aspirations of tournaments and a real competitive appeal, many people wouldn't compete if a random portion of the competitors had to work through a continuous disadvantage from the start of the round, every single round, forever. Most of the appeal comes from starting off on even-ground then outperforming your opponent for victory or status. It's like in any other competitive game, just with the O + left click feature alone, if none of the unit models could move backwards once beginning to take damage, it would get frustrating quickly in many games. Since the mac portion of that player-base would have a strict mechanical handicap before the game even started, many with that OS would decide they can't play it competitively, and then choose other strategy games altogether such as CIV

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