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  1. @wraitii I am indeed using a QWERTY-English setup keyboard on the Macbook Air. I do realize in all seriousness that complaining about the functionality of a mac computer in application to gaming is not a problem at all to many veteran, especially pc gamers, but rather an attempted misuse of the technology altogether. Perhaps not to be the focal-point of a game still in Alpha with mechanics and structures not yet entirely complete. However, to take a pvp environment seriously with aspirations of tournaments and a real competitive appeal, many people wouldn't compete if a random portion of the c
  2. The hotkeys are completely non-existent for mac. I've found out completely on my own different fixes for what the hotkeys say, such as, (set camera f5-f8) instead is fnf5-f7 then shift fn f8 for the last one.. There is no way as far as every methodology I have tried for mouse modifications to select only wounded units, O+left click does not work, nor does any variation I attempted to conceive. Please either fix or publish a secondary hot-key list for mac.
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