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War of Goddesses, a Hyrule Conquest Tournament


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About Hyrule Conquest and Myself

Hyrule Conquest is a mod for 0 A.D. that pits factions and races from the Legend of Zelda universe against each other including, the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Zora Dominion, the Empire of Labrynna, the Moblins, and more! I am Ironwolf, a previous member of the Hyrule Conquest team and former content creator for the game. I am one of the community leaders from Hyrule Conquest and I want to reach out to those in both the 0AD and Hyrule Conquest communities to come and participate in another Hyrule Conquest tournament! Some of you may remember the tournaments I hosted over a year ago including the War of Twilight which was quite successful!

Download Hyrule Conquest ver 0.7 here -
Download Hyrule Conquest ver 0.7 Low Poly Patch here - https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest/downloads/low-poly-patch-for-07

Both ver 0.7 and the ver 0.7 Low Poly Patch are MANDATORY for the tournament.


Player's interested in competing in the tournament have until May 15th, 2020 to state their tag that they wish to enter the tournament under as well as the time zone they live in on either the forum thread or in our tournament's discord. This is to make organizing matches easier for both parties. If for some reason you cannot compete in the tournament anymore, just let us know in either discord or on the forums beforehand so we can remove your name from  the bracket.

Hyrule Conquest Tournament Discord - https://discord.gg/JTv9Dq9

Game Settings
Pop Limit - 200
Starting Resources - Low
Speed - Normal
Mode - Conquest
No Treasure
No Relics
Not Explored
Not Revealed Map
Spies Not Allowed
Cheats Disable
Game Speed Normal
No Ceasefire

Spectators are NOT allowed in games.

Tournament Rules

Faction Rulings - The Empire of Labrynna and the Fairies of Tarm are banned. They are the most recent factions and not quite balanced out yet.

Maps - The map rotation for a best of 3 match will go as follows, Game 1 is to be played on Faron Woods, Game 2 is to be played on Gerudo Oasis, and Game 3 is to be played on the Crucible of Hylia.

Player Ethics - Players will treat each other with respect and honor. Should any player act in a toxic or unsportsmanlike manner, please report this to a judge and provide a screenshot or some other form of evidence of the player in question. No coaches or outside aid will be allowed during a tournament match but players will be permitted up to 5 minutes of coaching time between games should they choose to. Also, any form of collusion or intentional loss of matches will result in complete disqualification from the tournament on a first time offence. Second offenders will receive a temporary ban from War of Goddesses events and a third offense will result in a permanent ban from all War of Goddesses tournaments.

Connection Errors - Should a player disconnect from a game, the game will be paused and will remain so for up to 5 minutes in wait for the disconnected player to try and reconnect to the match. Should the player not reconnect within 5 minutes of the game being paused, it will result in the loss of the single match. Should the player continue to have multiple connection errors throughout the set, all matches for that set will be forfeit.

Reporting Matches - Matches will be recorded via the designated War of Goddesses tournament Discord where the victors of the match will post the score of their match, who their opponent was, and the replays of the matches played. Updates on new opponents will also be provided in the Discord as well.

For example: Let's say you send a zipped file of your match to a judge and you played 3 games within that set. You will need to have 3 folders in that zipped filed named game 1, game 2, and game 3. You are not required to name them this just so long that it is clear as to which game is which within the match. 

Bugs and Game Exploits

There are a few bugs in the current version of the game. Some can break things while others can be overlooked.
The following are a list of all the 
BANNED exploits:
No Hero Selection Screen - Should this happen, the players will restart the match so that the player that this happens to may be allowed to pick their hero
Producing Units from Captured Kokiri Buildings - There is a bug where if someone captures a Kokiri structure they can produce Kokiri units from it. No one is allowed to exploit this bug
Picking your Hero but not being able to train him/her - Sometimes even after you have picked your hero you still will not be able to train them. This bug is rare but should it happen, the solution is to leave and rejoin the game. The opposite player will pause the game and wait for up to 5 minutes for the player who was missing their hero to return. You must bring this up to your opponent within the first 2 minutes of the match otherwise you will be forced to play it out without your hero.

Packing up and replacing Moblin Totems - The Moblin Totems spawn units when placed, this mechanic also happens when a Moblin Totem is unpacked from their cart. Players are not allowed to packup and move Moblin Totems because of this. If you want more totems, build more.

Faction Selection


war of the goddess.jpg

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Registration is closed! We ended up with 10 entrants. Not bad! Round 1 matchups have been posted in discord but I'll post them again here,
(Bracket link-https://challonge.com/lx762z6u)

Look Left vs. Soup Demon

Orignous vs. Sage453
Viyers vs. Zolrolt
Bluetangos vs. Rolf Dew
Rain_ and SwanRonSun have bye rounds.

Good luck to everyone in the tournament!

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