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How should I use the Spearmen and Swordsmen?

Klauss Marcellus

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I've seen many factions (such as the celts and greeks) got spearmen as main frontline infantry, while other factions such as the Romans got the swordsman as standard infantry.

In this case I would like to know what are the main differences and bonuses for the spearmen and the swordsmen.

I know the spearmen got 3x bonus against calvalry, but I've seen in many games a group of spearmen being in some cases more effective than the swordsmen against other units.


How should I properly use them individually?

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Most of the players especially good ones use the spearmen as meat shields during fighting and swordsmen as just siege killers in P3. 

But some pros use champion swordsmen like Athens and naked fanatics for Gauls in P2 if there is a chance of surprise tactics. 

Mostly in A23 champions are not being used due to costs.on metals, with exceptions on cavalry from time to time.

The game mostly end up with citizen soldiers (combined range [skirmishers/slingers/some archers] and spear men) as they only need food and wood/stones) and siege units in P3. 

Range citizen soldiers are faster gatherer on wood so mostly slow units (spearmen/swordsmen) gather stationary resources  like metals and stones. Though you might need some spearmen early on woodcutters to defend against spear cavalry raids.

Depends on situations you need to keep training units for counters or not counters. Just keep training units in any way!

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