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  1. In the main game (23 aug 2018 version) the romans got the Divide et Impera and Conscription. http://prntscr.com/pbt82m But in the main wiki website it states one of their bonuses is Socii which grants allies +10% attack while in Roman Territory. https://prnt.sc/pbt6sc I also would like to know how the Divide et Impera bonus works. I know '' Heroes can convert enemy units at a great cost '' but I dind't find a way to activate this ability. So could someone explain how to use the Roman bonuses?
  2. I've seen many factions (such as the celts and greeks) got spearmen as main frontline infantry, while other factions such as the Romans got the swordsman as standard infantry. In this case I would like to know what are the main differences and bonuses for the spearmen and the swordsmen. I know the spearmen got 3x bonus against calvalry, but I've seen in many games a group of spearmen being in some cases more effective than the swordsmen against other units. How should I properly use them individually?
  3. Can someone explain to me the '' Corral camels and horses The resource cost of tranning camel-mounted (trader) or horse-mounted units (calvary) is reduced by 5% per animal (as appropriate) Corraled ''
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