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Avanade presentation

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Hey there,

Just gave a 1h presentation at a company over Microsoft Teams, I can't say it was a real success as out of 200 only 10 attended, so I'm not sure we'll get any new contributors, but it was recorded (can't share that recording unfortunately) so maybe some people will watch it later.

Here is the presentation for those wondering.



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Well the thing is we can't re-license the game specifically for those platforms because that would require us to ask the 500+ contributors to do so, and between the ones who will not answer and the ones who will say no, it's kind of a dead end.

Now IIRC @elexis did some research and we can go on steam if we use none of their feature (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) which is kind of a waste but okay.

The apple store is just impossible according to the fsf:


Krita is on the windows store though (Also for a 10€ fee) so either they are breaking their license or it's compatible.


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3 minutes ago, sphyrth said:

You're the devs and you get to decide.

Personally, though, I prefer that 0 A.D. stay out of Steam if it has to sacrifice its Open-Source Licenses.

As I said it's not possible anyway, because all devs would have to retroactively accept it. So if we go there we'd still be GPL

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