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Application "Multiplayer Lobby Moderator".

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Multiplayer Lobby Moderator.

Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free?
 Yes, i do understand.

Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? 


Are you sure you are not wanting to work on something programming related? (Then you don't need to send in an application form.) 
Yes i am sure.


 (For my last Name, please ask privatly).







Central European Time.



In general, i should have time about 20 o´clock. Nearly every day. At least 2 Hours a day. Some days it might be more. I doubt that anything will change in 6 months. My job is stable and i do not have any plans on changing anything currently.






I work for a big Company that sells Cars. I would like to keep more information about that a secret. If anyone is interested in knowing more, im open for personal messages.


Skills and Experience:

Thats a hard question for me. What exactly can be count as Experience or Skills? Im supervising new people in the Company im working at. In my opinion, that makes me resonable and able to hold authority. At the same time, i am able to hold friendly conversations with people, even if those people are angry or impolite towards me.



What really motivates me is the fact, that i love to use the Lobby for a quick chat with people that i know. If i can help other people holding such conversations, and even help them with their problems. Is there really more need to say?



I see myself as a friendly and funny person.


Short Essay:

I first found out about Wildfire games, when i searched for games simmiliar to AOE. I think that it must be about 2 years now. Apart from what i already gained through the game itself and the people playing it, i would like to gain more expierence in communicating with people, sharing opinions, knowledge and simply to have a great time in enyoing what i like to enjoy, gaming.


Interests and Hobbies:

I enjoy working out, listening to music and of course, playing games. Sometimes i go out and meet up with friends, and once every few months i like to write cards to people that i know around the world. Im interested in gaming overall but also in Books.


Staff:  -



Im part of the League of Legends Community. Unfortunatly, that it is.


Favorite Game:

Currently my favorite game would be League of Legends together with 0ad and Apex Legends. Overall i enjoy RTS and Shooter.


Work Examples:

As already mentioned, i am supervising new people in the Company im workting at. Other then that i would like to say, that i already try to help new people in the Lobby when they have questions that i am able to answer. Unfortunately that should be all of my personal experience.





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Forgot that my E-mail ends with "de" and not "com". My bad.
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With a general decline in activity on the part of current moderators has surfaced a clamour for new administrators of the lobby.

Numerous times have inappropriate nicknames or impolite behaviour been observed by players, only to have nothing done about the issue due to the lack of available lobby authorities.


While this does not mean that we should rush headlong into appointing a new moderator, it must be said that if a suitable candidate appears, it should be considered worthwhile to make use of such zeal.


The above user has had a sublimely crystalline behaviour record, seeing as the only time they managed to "trigger" the lobby bot was when mistyping the word "shift" into some variation containing a toxic expression - all this while instructing a newbie in basic game controls.


Therefore I would commend this user to the Wildfire Games team as a good candidate for the post of Lobby Moderator.

Of course, a trial period may provide considerable insight as to the adequacy of TYLER1. Such a period would prove to be instructive for both sides.


I invite colleague @user1 to make deeper inquiry into the candidate's behaviour record, or just a general statement of opinion.

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First and foremost, thank you for your application.

I agree with Hannibal that Wildfire Games might utilize a new moderator, depending on their qualities.

The main question an organization should ask applicants for a position in the organization: Why are you a good choice for this position? What is your motivation and qualification to receive a moderator status? What distinguishes you from other candidates?

Secondly: What are the tasks of a moderator that you would like to fulfil, how do you intend to perform them, and which of the tasks of a moderator would you prefer to leave to the other moderators or admins?

Some answers are contained in the previous responses, including your availability and the motivation to help people solve problems. But perhaps you can answer a bit more specifically to these questions.

I would like to add that the application and these questions can help to decide, but should not be used as the only basis for deciding.

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Hello @elexis, have not seen you around for quite some time. 

But before i stray away from what i wanted to say :

First of all, i apologize for this late reply. I was just not thinking about it anymore because of some other stuff that was going on. But something reminded me of this running application.

It was not the nicest way to remind me of it (because someone named me moderator in the lobby chat and i had the "@" in front of my name for a short time :D).

But without further delay i want to announce that i do not intend to keep my application running. I realized that i can help people even without me being a moderator. Of course i dont have any rights to make sure people act acording to the rules then. But that is okay for me. Helping those that i am able to help will be enough for me.

And again, i apologize for the time i might have stolen from any of you.

Wish you the best

Tyler1 :D

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