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What are the limits that I can go according to the GNU license?


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What can I change in the 0 A.D. game when I sell it? Can I completely redo the main menu screen and put my name on it, or do I have to keep the Wildfire games logo on there?

Can I change the window name and logo? 

What can and can't I do?

If I can change the wildfire games logo on the main menu, I will still mention that I was helped by Wildfire Games.

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I guess that you posted on the wrong subforum again. Anyway, standing at the first lanes of the link that a user already posted on another thread:



0 A.D. is released as open source: you can freely use, copy, modify and
distribute the game's source code and data files, as long as you include
attribution to Wildfire Games and let anyone freely modify and distribute any

of your own modifications to the game's files.


this means that you can modify the game as you fish as long as you say that Wildfire Games made the game and that your version is a fork of their game.

( basically it is like releasing a p2p mod )

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Correct me if im wrong.

It means you can use the code of 0AD for anything that you would like to do. But you have to license your work under the same license. (Give others the same freedom you got in 0Ad). And you have to provide credit to WFG.

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