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Danubius 3v3


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Gaia strikes again along the sides of the river.


West: mord (athen), SarhaElda (gaul), PricipalityOfZeon (mace)


East: bb (sele), juniormaster (mace), pablek2 (mace).

Spoiler below gives a short summary:


Gaia manages in the first few waves to destory 3 cc's, 2 west 1 east. All of them are rebuilded. After a short naval siege i (bb) land with 80 horse Archer in the north and start annoying mord. mord gets help from SarhaElda and throw in bunches of spears to destory. However with ultra with the use of formations most the spearman doesn't succeed in destroying all horses. But the horses also can't destroy the cc and other buildings.

Meanwhile juniormaster gained a navy aswell and fights of most gaia ships and establishes a base on the middle island. From there he performs attacks on the West's coast.

Also pablek2 stacks up infinite resources with trade and gathering, so he can make a 130+ mace champ army...

When PricipalityOfZeon brings some siege towers to the north and my horses get trapped, the horses get destroyed. At this moment I builded a small settlement on the north so I could get some new horses. Also pablek2's champ army is ready and shipped over to the south, were it started leaving a desert wlaking up to the north.

During the cleaning of the West riverbank mord and PricipalityOfZeon escape to respectively the north and south island, where they wait out with little defences until pablek2's champs get shipped there for destroying the last resistances.

Replay below:


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Wow quite an epic, epic, epic battle :)

I liked the different tactics tried/applied to get rid of Gaia's main HQs and their 80 champs'. And the powerfull landing logistics set up by you and your main ally. I missed the reasonning behind you retreating upon your first landing attempt thou. Also team play is allways nice to watch :)

Really I enjoyed mord (vs Gaia) and pablek2 (vs Gaia, Eco and later fights). These two guys surprised me, e.g. their efficient swift moves that litteraly pin down Gaia « Marines » in seconds! Kuddos guys :D

PS If mord had trained a battalion of Athenian Marines then . . .

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