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Facebook now allows to add short videos instead of a static image in the banner.

Example: https://www.facebook.com/exorstudios/


From what I have read (I am not 100% sure of these details), it can be 20-90 seconds long and should be at least 820x312 pixels (but maybe Facebook resizes the video to fit the banner dimensions).

I just think that you could also add a nice battle video on your https://www.facebook.com/play0ad/ page.


PS: avatars can also be (7 seconds) animated GIFs.


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Definitely worth considering. I do think it would be worth creating a video for this purpose specifically. I looked at your example and it looked as if they had just used an existing video and cut away a bit at the top (and possibly bottom), and it did feel a bit weird - as if there should be more above it, I kept wanting to scroll up the page to see more =)

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The timeline video cover is in my to-do list, it needs to be a 20sec-90sec video with 820x462px(at least 820x312px). Facebook doesn't resize the video but will take one frame and make it as static cover for people who are not in the A/B testing. The video needs to have some kind of a loop effect.

We(the person who have access) need to check if it's available on the page since FB is always running A/B test on new features.


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14 hours ago, BrynnOfCastlegate said:


I could probably help with this. What sort of video are we looking for (battle, scenery)? One scene that loops, or several scenes?


Here is the brief :

Duration: 20sec-90sec
Resolution: 820x462px(at least 820x312px)
I propose the following scenes :

  • Intro scene: 5sec to 10sec
  • Building scene: 10sec or more(scene showing workers working)
  • Attack scene: 10sec or more
  • Download scene: 5sec "Get it now on play0ad.com (win, mac os, linux logos)"

Like the one used in the trailer

NB: if you want to put text at the bottom of the video, it will be hidden since the video cover will be centered in a 312px(height) wrapper div(but not reconverted or resize), once you click on the video the original format(820x462px) will popup(like in the example link provided by @xanax)

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