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superiority - a feasible measure of unit strength in RTS games

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The differential equations only hold true for each side A and B only having one type of unit each, though not necessarily the same.

StillĀ  something I'll take a closer look at, thx!

I don't know if there's an equation for the "combat strength" of just one units depending on (simple) properties like health, attack speed/time and damage assuming all unit are able to engage in combat.

I think it would be something like KombatStrength = (health * damage / attackTime)^0.5.

Multiple units don't add up though but combined unit strength grows exponentially (I guess, though this is much more easy to test) so another equation is needed for army strength.

This all doesn't include the dimension of the battlefield (2D usually ;p), ranges attacks and move speed that would also matter in a real-time strategy game.

EDIT: Since the article was quite short I read it right away. They use the same assumption for the unit strength as I did. I would have hoped for an equation of total army strength for mixed troops but that is not included. So there's a third equation needed for combined troops but neither I nor the article can say something about that ;/

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