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[Part III] Faction: The Saite Period Egyptians (664-525 B.C.)


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Post info, sources, suggestions, etc. here.  Be sure to credit your source if you post images or written info.  Below is a basic design document.



FACTION: Saite Period Egyptians
TIMESPAN: 664-525 B.C.

CIV EMBLEM: Ankh [thanks to niektb for the emblem!]

Note: With these placeholders, citizen soldiers should retain the same appearance regardless of promotion.
The exact corresponding scenario editor actor files are listed beside the unit names below, followed by the
structures from which they can be trained.
Horseman – egyptian_cavalry_javelinist_b (Civ Centre, Stables)
Egyptian Archer – egyptian_champion_archer (Civ Centre, Barracks)
Khopesh Warrior – egyptian_champion_swordsman_theban (Civ Centre, Barracks)
Chariot Runner – egyptian_infantry_javelinist_b (Stables)
Nubian Archer – egyptian_infantry_archer_b (Mercenary Camp)
Nubian Spearman – nubian_infantry_spearman_b (Mercenary Camp)
Libyan Swordsman – egyptian_infantry_swordsman_b (Mercenary Camp)
Carian Heavy Swordsman – theban_champion_swordsman sword actor variations (Mercenary Camp)
Ionian Heavy Spearman – theban_champion_swordsman spear actor variations (Mercenary Camp)
Egyptian Marine – egyptian_infantry_spearman_e (Dock)
Egyptian Officer – egyptian_infantry_axeman_e (Fortress) – gives LOS citizen infantry +10 attack – build limit 5 – auras do not overlap
Egyptian Chariot – egyptian_champion_chariot (Stables)
Sherden Guard – seapeople_infantry_swordsman_b (Palace)
Battering Ram – egyptian_mechanical_siege_ram (Fortress)
Psamtik I hero – egyptian_hero_seti (Palace)
Necho II hero – egyptian_hero_seti (Palace)
Apries hero – egyptian_hero_seti (Palace)
Egyptian Woman – egyptian_support_female_citizen (Civ Centre, House)
Egyptian Merchant – egyptian_support_trader (Market)
Priest of Amun-re – ptol_support_healer_b (Temple)
Fishing Boat – ptol_ship_fishing (Dock)
Merchant Ship – ptol_ship_merchant (Dock)
War Ship – cart_ship_bireme (Dock)

The exact corresponding scenario editor actor files are listed beside the structure names below,
followed by their trainable units.
Barracks – egyptian_barracks (Egyptian Archer, Khopesh Warrior)
Corral – egyptian_corral (Goat)
Dock – egyptian_dock (Fishing Boat, Merchant Ship, War Ship)
Farmstead – egyptian_farmstead
Farm Field - egyptian_field
House – egyptian_house (Egyptian Woman)
Storehouse - egyptian_storehouse
Small Wall – egyptian_small_wall... etc.
Civ Centre – egyptian_civil_centre (Egyptian Archer, Khopesh Warrior, Horseman, Egyptian Woman)
Threshingfloor – egyptian_sb_threshingfloor – enables more farming techs
Blacksmith - egyptian_blacksmith
Defense Tower - egyptian_defense_tower
Market – egyptian_market (Egyptian Merchant)
Stables – egyptian_stables (Horseman, Egyptian Chariot)
Temple – egyptian_temple (Priest of Amun-re)
City Wall – egyptian_wall... etc.
Mercenary Camp – merc_camp_egyptian (Nubian Archer, Nubian Spearman, Libyan Swordsman, Carian Heavy Swordsman, Ionian Heavy Spearman)
Fortress – egyptian_fortress (Egyptian Officer, Battering Ram)
Ramesside Palace – egyptian_palace_ramesside (Heroes, Sherden Guard)
Great Monument to the Pharaoh – egyptian_sb_monument - +10% territory radius – build limit 1
Obelisk – egyptian_sb_obelisk – units in vicinity fight harder +5 – similar function to Iberian bull structure – build limit 5 – auras do not overlap
Temple of Karnak wonder - egyptian_wonder_temple_karnak

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